The Queen Who Couldn’t Bake Gingerbread

A great adaptation of a German folk tale by Dorothy Van Woerkom.  In this tale, a king seeks a queen but she must be able to bake gingerbread.  The king cannot find a queen who can bake gingerbread so he settles on a queen who is seeking a king who must be able to play the slide trombone (which the king can’t).  They agree to set aside these demands and marry anyways.

All is well until a fight ensues and each is mad at the other for not being able to cook gingerbread and play the slide trombone.  They go to separate parts of the castle, sulking.

Finally, each realizes they are not being very wise and kind and both in turn decide to teach themselves how to bake gingerbread and play the trombone.

I loved the lesson:  if you want something, do it yourself.  If you want gingerbread, learn to bake it.  If you want to play the trombone, learn to play it.

This is great for marriages as well.  You can’t count on your spouse doing something for you if you are the one who wants it done.  You gotta do it for yourself.

In the end, each are “never disappointed” from unrealistic expectations being put upon others.

This book is from 1975 which I got from the library so it may be hard to find in print.

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  1. I remember this book!!! I could never find a copy to buy. Thanks for jogging an old memory!

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