The Quilt Story

“A little girl’s mother made the quilt to keep her warm when the snow came down, long ago.”

So begins The Quilt Story by Tony Johnston, which chronicles a little girl and her quilt. She uses the quilt to keep warm, to play tea party, as a gown, to hide under during hide-and-seek, and as a source of comfort when she is sick.

The family moves and the quilt goes too, the only piece of home the girl now has.

Eventually, the quilt is stored in the attic where mice, a raccoon, and a cat use it as a home.

One day a different little girl finds the quilt in the attic.  Her mother patches it up for her and she then finds comfort from it in her daily life as well.

A great tale about how things made, bought, or given with love are our greatest treasure and source of comfort in times of change and can be our most prized possession.

Illustrated by Tomie dePaola this story is sure to stir fond memories of childhood.

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