The Secret Place by Dennis Lee

There’s a place I go, inside myself,

Where nobody else can be,

And none of my friends can tell it’s there–

Nobody knows but me.

It’s hard to explain the way it feels,

Or even where I go.

It isn’t a place in time or space,

But once I’m there, I know.

It’s tiny, it’s shiny, it can’t be seen,

But it’s big as the sky at night…

I try to explain and it hurts my brain

But once I’m there, it’s right.

There’s a place I know inside myself,

And it’s neither big nor small,

And whenever I go, it feels as though

I never left at all.

This is a children’s poem written by Dennis Lee who apparently has written many volumes of poems for kids.  I picked up a small compilation at the library.

This poem spoke to me when I read it.  I know I have a place I like to retreat to when the going gets tough. I always wonder about my kids.  They live so much in their little worlds that I imagine they have rooms and rooms of these places.

I like to think I have one of these places where God dwells and I can go and have a cup of coffee with Him and chat.  I know He’s there; it’s the finding Him that is the tricky part.

2 thoughts on “The Secret Place by Dennis Lee


    Iknow the poem, but I never thought of it as you. God is surely living within you, and you are such a blessing to me. Thank you so much for sharing this and all of your other God-inspired posts.

  2. I love this poem. Very true for me, as a kid and now.

    Also, change of subject, I have been trying to read the bible all the way through too. This system is the best help I have found. It has no gimmicks, just helping you find a way through the bible. Grant Horner believes that we need a bit of diversity and he uses different book marks through out the bible to keep us enthusiastic and on track. Check it out.

    Thanks, and know you are in my prayers,


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