The Unicorn and the Lake

The Unicorn and the Lake by Marianna Mayer is a fantastic book about  a unicorn pitted against a serpent. Symbolically, it can be said that  the Unicorn is God and the Serpent is the Devil.

A unicorn roams the lands until chased away into the mountains by man’s greed to possess his magical horn.  He stays hidden many years and as a result a drought dries up the land.  The other animals are weakened and are no longer able to defend themselves against the serpent.  The animals call out and the unicorn hears them.  The unicorn causes rain to fall, filling the once-dry lakes and ponds.

The serpent, furious, poisons the newly-formed waters.  The animals again call out and this time the unicorn answers in person.  He ventures down the mountain, only to meet the Serpent who attacks him.  The ensuing fight ends in the Serpent slithering away, spared, the unicorn purifying the water and returning back to his home in the mountains.

Great picture of God, isn’t it?  God answers when we cry out as we are being thwarted by the devil and in the end vanquishes and restores.  Lovely.

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