You Can’t Help BUT Be Inspired by Tim Tebow…

Watching Sunday’s playoff game of the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Denver Broncos was exciting, nerve-wracking, inspiring, emotional, and in the end downright amazing.

I have to admit:  I thought the Broncos would lose.  I was pacing my living room after the Steelers tied it.  After every snap Roethlisberger took, I’d yell, “Get him!” at the TV.  My kids thought I was nuts.

I thought we’d lose in overtime especially if we didn’t win the coin toss.  But luckily we did win and the rest is history.

Or is it His Story?

As a Christian, you can’t help but root for Tim Tebow.  The man is downright refreshing. Someone who seemingly has it all together (as all together as a human can be).  He’s passionate, talented, authentic, and enjoyable to watch.  He loves Jesus, is the first to say so, and is unapologetic about it.  How many of us can say this?

He is something I aspire to as a mother for we all know how and why Tim is like he is: God and his family.  His mother and father instilled in him God’s love and it radiates off of him as bright as the morning Sun after a rainy day.

He is a role model for my kids:  how I want them to behave, act, and believe.  To not bow to the pressures of this world.  To stand firm in your beliefs when countless others tell you you are wrong.  To follow your heart and your God no matter the consequences.

He gets down on one knee and prays “even if everyone around you is doing something different”, now known as “Tebowing”, a term invented by a die-hard Broncos fan who now runs a website with pictures of people Tebowing all over the world and sells T-shirts (of which I am eagerly awaiting mine!).

In this world where we are bombarded daily with negativity, immoral values being legitimized, and God marginalized by a secular society, I will take Tim stories any day.

He runs a foundation, granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses, partnering to build a Children’s Hospital in the Philippines, and much more.

He is doing God’s work and I wish I’d see more of this in the news and all around me. Tim has been placed by God in this position in this moment for a purpose.  And I believe He is succeeding in God’s purpose.  Wildly and powerfully so.

Last year’s Super Bowl was the most watched program in the world, garnering 106 million viewers all over the world.  Can you imagine what Tim’s impact would be if the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl?

Incalculable, I’d bet.

Seeing someone who so has a heart for God, who’s following his passion in life, and giving God all the credit I believe could be a catalyst for millions of those who are struggling without God to turn to Him.

This is my prayer.  That God would continue to use Tim for His purpose.  That the Broncos do make the Super Bowl (this is selfish as I’m a Broncos fan!).  And that Tim has an amazing career in the NFL for years to come.  That he continues to inspire countless others to live for God.

He inspires me.

I pray he inspires you.

10 thoughts on “You Can’t Help BUT Be Inspired by Tim Tebow…

  1. I am just glad that someone who lives the word everyday and is a celebrity can be inspiring to us all.

    Now, what you missed about Tebow is this. He completed 10 passes and averaged 31.6 yards per completion or had a total of 316 passing yards. What is it John 3:16 says?

    A sign from God?

  2. i clicked on the “tebowing” site & as i was scanning through all the pictures it stirred my soul…NOT for the apparent reasons. Tim Tebow is sincere, genuine & heartfelt as he bows to give thanks. All the others are as though a mockery, one that stood out are the female swimmers with the girl on the end looking toward her other teammates and grinning as though to say photo op! To all/most of them it is a staged photo. Is that what we as Christians become? Do we pray for our meals at home or just when out when being seen?
    Tim Tebow does Not require a following to support his witness. He shows it through daily life. These are just my thoughts on it. Thank you!

    1. Hey Holly,

      Yes, I agree these photos are staged. But they are meant to pay tribute to Tebow, not mock him or the concept (in my belief). I would have to agree with you about the swimmers though.

      To me, it’s the concept: bowing down and giving thanks to God no matter what you are doing or where you are at or who’s looking at you. It’s being grateful you are in these great places God has made. It’s about what Tebow has done that is important.

      Most of us have never, ever bowed down to God in public. Most of us have not done this in church (excluding Catholics who all do it together on cue). Most of us do not step out in faith like Mr. Tebow does.

      This is my point.

      The website is meant as a tribute and I love it! It spreads the Word and if it gets just one person thinking about what bowing down actually means then it has succeeded. Much like this blog. If I get one person to think about God, I’ve succeeded. That is what I think is great about the tebowing site. It honors Tim and who he is. There is nothing wrong with imitation. It is one of the highest forms of flattery. Just think of everything that has been imitated for good. Most of our greatest inventions built upon others work (I’m thinking computers, etc).

      What you see as mockery, I see as flattery. BIG difference. If I were Tim, I would think this way. Whatever it takes to get people to step out in their faith, plant a seed, get people thinking about God, about bowing down to Him in praise no matter what anyone (and the world, society, culture, friends, family, strangers, etc) think, praising God, and living a Christ-like and Christ-centered life.

      This is what I think the website accomplishes. Run by an admirer who coined a word that I think is a great motto to live by. Just imagine this world if more of us had the courage to get down on one knee and give thanks to God every time we should (we’d be there all day!) without worrying about approval from this transitory world we live in. We only need God’s approval!

  3. I am inspired and encouraged.

    We need to lift him up in prayer. He will feel the wrath of world, he will be attacked and rejected. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide his every move and that he will continue to bring Glory to God.

  4. wow sounds like we mirrored one another as we watched the game on Sunday. added to mine pulling my hair. i am so glad the NFL has Tim Tebow to inspire young kids in such a positive way and spreading the word in a way that would make Paul and Peter proud. if you notice Mr. Tebow has never says he thanks God for a win, only thanks God that he can advance His word. i’ve watched so many players after a big win gushing about how God was on their side in this game and it turns my stomach. Mr. Tebow is first a man of God and then a quarterback. if he left the game tomorrow he would be ok because his identity is not as a football player but indeed a man of God.

  5. I just found out another little tidbit about the game. The television rating in the 4th Quarter was 31.6.

  6. Jesus warned us we who follow him will be mocked, tried and tested. I get frustrated when Tim Tebow is treated badly because of his faith, etc., but have to remind myself that those detractors really want God/Jesus to be gone, not Tebow.

    1. I agree to all of this. He is putting God in the forefront and it is very inspirational. Hope that others will question their beliefs.

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