What About a Forum?

I’m brainstorming other ideas here and this one popped up:  would you use a forum?

A forum is where you join and can post questions and answers to topics.  So, let’s say the topic is:  BSF Lesson 1.

You could discuss answers and get a dialogue running.  You can get fancy too and set up your profile with your name and location and stuff.

Preliminary research (let’s say the last 10 minutes or so) has been this would cost me money to set up.  But it’s something I’ve dreamed about with this site.  Getting discussion and dialogue going like a discussion group but without a time frame.  You could debate God’s word all day long if  you wanted and everyone got a chance to participate–even anonymously if you wanted.  All you’d be known by would be your screen name.

It would increase the participation and not just be me.

So, would you use a forum for BSF and participate in one?  A forum has no value without you all.  The people make the forum.  Just like people make the church.