“What Am I Supposed to Be Doing Here, Lord?”

I keep asking this right now in my life.

I feel I have all these passions and talents and yet no direction and no motivation.

What am I supposed to be doing and why am I here are my favorite questions right now to ask God.

This follows yesterday’s Free Will post.  I can choose what to do but is it what I’m supposed to be doing or is it something else entirely–and worst, is it in the wrong direction?

Is it all for naught?  A waste of my precious time I could be doing something with my kids?

I question everything these days.  I just wish it would be clear…

I fight every day the question of what’s the point?  Nothing makes sense right now.

Yet all I can do is what I have been doing…praying and waiting and seeking the sign, the answer in whatever form it may come.