A Dog’s Life

As I sit here typing this, my male Mastiff is lying by my side (he’s really in my way but he’s too cute to make him move).

There are many days I want a dog’s life.  How rough can it be when your food and water appear magically every day (free room and board), you can sleep wherever you want whenever you want, you lie around in the sun and throw out a few barks here and there, and you have no worries?  You lead a great life, loved by the family, and petted every now and then.

You really don’t have to do anything.  Looking cute helps and being adorable.  Barking when the doorbell rings helps to alert your owners.  Wagging your tail when your owners return home.  Occasional lick here and there to show appreciation.

Then it’s back to bed until dinner time.

Quite an easy day, wouldn’t you agree?

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