Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch

I just finished this book (admittedly skimmed some parts since I find studies incredibly boring) and found it interesting.

I had never thought how our language did come to be and come to be standardized.  It was fascinating to read how people actually sat down and decided to do this hundreds of years ago.

It is a great reminder how things can be manipulated in life and how I must be ever the more vigilant with my children’s education.

I agree whole-heartedly with the premise that there must be a national cultural literacy in order to function in today’s society.  You have to know what people are talking about in order to talk to people.  Most of this book was preaching to the choir but I have to constantly remind myself of the importance of my kids’ education.

For me, it’s more I enjoy learning and like to know where things come from and how.  But it makes me re-focus on what my kids need to know.

They attend a Core Knowledge school so I know they will get most of this stuff.  Still, it is up to me to supplement (as always) where needed.

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