Announcing Summer Bible Studies!

Hey all!

You have spoken!

The winner was James followed closely by Hebrews and then Ruth. We’ll start with those and then see where we’re at in the summer.

To begin, simply download WordGo in your app store on your mobile device and get started!

Remember this can be as quick as 15 minutes a day so don’t feel overwhelmed by it all!

First lesson tomorrow!

23 thoughts on “Announcing Summer Bible Studies!

  1. I tried to sign in to WordGo Bible Study Fellowship using my sign-on for BSF website. It won’t accept my BSF sign on or let me create a new account. Consequently, it looks like I will be unable to participate.

  2. What a great idea for the summer. Thank you. I am a BSF leader and
    my group has continued in June studying Hebrews together on WordGo. I will definitely join your study too.

  3. Can I not do this study on my computer? Must I have another device to participate in the study of James?

  4. I would like to join your group but am having some difficulty. Is there a code to join?

  5. Sorry, please tell me how I can get my questions for James, Hebrew and Ruth. I would love to study them, also. I signed up for John


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