Bible Prayers: In His Image

Genesis 1:26: “Let us make man in our image”

In the vastness of this universe, on this tiny little planet, earth, God placed His most perfect creation, men and women made in His image.

                                 We are made in God’s image, we are spiritual beings,                             

  with intelligence. God placed us above everything

else. He gave us authority and dominion. A gift of   



You created me, you made me in your image. All my existence from beginning to end is to fulfill the goal of making me more fully what you made me to be, your faithful servant. As I ask for your forgiveness, fill my life—a life so full of flaws and deficiencies—with the hope that your Word promises. I am covered with your blood, Jesus, all of my sins are forgiven. I can rest in peace knowing that the best is yet to come. Spending an eternity with you in your Kingdom. I rejoice!

Lord, you say I am not of this world, yet you command me to go into the world. I need your help to not sit back and see the world go by and do nothing. I selfishly am only concerned with my small world around me. Let me reach out to my neighbors, to whomever you put along the way and show them by my attitude and actions that I care. I need to give of myself and serve so that people see the joy and love that comes from you.

Give me the ability to  recognize beauty and truth when I see it. Holy Spirit, let me always be open to your promptings—convict me when I am blind and deaf to your guidance. Give me discernment to know evil; if I go the wrong way, help me to quickly turn and repent. Don’t let me become spiritually deaf, keep me aware and sensitive so that I will always obey and follow your leading.

Lord, give me a heart that is dedicated completely to you. I want to renounce anything in my life that is not your will for  me.

By Lissette Trahan

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