Bible Study Plans: Who is God?


Such a big question that many of us (even us believers) don’t have an easy answer to.

That’s because God is everything all at the same time. He’s unfathomable, hard to describe, and oftentimes, we’re too overwhelmed by Him to begin.

But what do you say to this question when you’re asked? Here are some suggestions below, and contact me with questions.


  1. He’s the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
  2. He’s the supreme being.
  3. He’s omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omnipresent (always present).
  4. He is infinite.
  5. He is incomparable.
  6. He is unchanging.
  7. He is good.
  8. He is love.
  9. He is judge.
  10. He forgives.

Your turn. Who is God to you? Leave a comment, share with social media, and contact me with questions!

4 thoughts on “Bible Study Plans: Who is God?

  1. Funny that you posted that question. I’m reading “The knowledge of the Holy” by A.W. Toser. My hope that after reading this book probably more than once that I have a better understanding or at least can verbalize. You tube has audio reading of this book for free. I’ve listened to several chapters this way. It’s helpful for me to both read and hear.

  2. A Great Question “Who Is God” ?  Some conclusive truth: His virgin birth

    His ministry and teaching attendant by  miracles, verifiable by eye-witnesses

    His unjust betrayal and condemnation by Jewish religious leaders, and His torture and death by Romans under Pontius Pilate’s authority

    His burial in a rich man’s tomb

    His resurrection and ascension witnessed publicly by his followers

    That his birth was the prophesied incarnation  of God; “God with us,” Immanuel, fully God, and fully man

    That his was the perfect life of a man living in perfect obedience to God

    That his ministry and message was from God and is the only means of access to God

    That he freely surrendered his perfect life to a brutal death as a substitute for my death and the eternal punishment which God justly demanded for my sinful rebellion against Him

    That his resurrection provided proof of God’s vindication of His righteous life as well as proof of God’s acceptance of his sacrifice as a substitute for the penalty I deserve

    That his ascension declared his elevation to the throne of God, his coronation as King of God’s kingdom; a sort of reverse incarnation: man ascending to be with God

    That Jesus has done everything necessary to to put me in right relationship with God

    That my only reason for standing before God without shame is what Jesus has accomplished on my behalf

    That Jesus has become the focus of all my hope, my only hope, in this life and the next

    That Jesus Christ, my Savior, will not abandon my soul to death, but gives me the hope of eternal life

    That I am not my own, but belong to Jesus Christ,my King, and my undivided allegiance must be to Him

    That my life is His to rule and direct as He pleases

    That Christ’s honor and worship is my chief concern and purpose in life

  3. In Jesus Christ he is our leader, our teacher, our mentor, our brother, our prayer partner.

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