Bible Study Plans: More Tips to Go Deeper in the Bible

In our last blog post, we discussed ways on how to go deeper for your Bible study. In today’s post, we’ll go over a few more tips. Contact AtoZMomm today to learn more!


  • Define words. It’s hard to understand what you’re reading if you don’t know what the words mean. A good practice is to have Google up and running while you’re reading the Bible and look up any words you may be unfamiliar with. Often, a good Bible Dictionary is handy to have as well as it will give you not only the Biblical meaning, but also cross-references as to where this word can be found elsewhere in the Bible.
  • Use different translations. When studying the Bible, different translations can be extremely helpful, especially in extremely difficult parts of God’s word. There can be just slight differences, but those slight differences can be all you need for understanding. Just be careful you’re buying a different translation and not a paraphrase of the Bible.
  • Invest in a good commentary. Bible commentaries can be extremely helpful when trying to go deeper in God’s word. You can learn a lot from others, and from others who have built upon others’ work as well. Just be sure to try and read it on your own first, but then definitely use resources that are available to help you.
  • Don’t get frustrated. God’s word is hard because God Himself is hard to understand. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself when you just don’t get it. Stop. Pray. Breathe. Take a break. God’s not going anywhere. He’s waiting on you to find Him.
  • Have patience. Studying the Bible is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. The more you read and study, the more God will show up and reveal Himself. Knowing God and Jesus is a lifelong process; give it time.

Studying the Bible is like studying anything you want to know more about — except, in this case, there’s nothing more important you can be doing with your time than studying God’s word. It will take time and patience. I hope you find these Bible study tips useful. Contact me to learn more!

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  1. It’s good to know that Bible commentaries can be extremely helpful. I’d really like to study the Bible more so I can become more committed to God and his church. I’d love to find a study guide to help me understand what I’m reading.

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