Coffee and God: Last Sunday of the Month Coffee Chat

Coffee and God: Sunday Bible Chats

As I’m sitting here brainstorming ideas for this blog, my coffee is steaming. Its delectable aroma and satisfying smoothness soothe me like little else in this world.

Like everything in this world, coffee is a gift from God. He wants us to be happy and what else gives us such daily pleasure as coffee?

Coffee and God: Last Sunday of the Month Coffee Chat

Most of this blog is all business: God’s business. We chat about Bible Study Fellowship’s studies and questions. We pray for one another here. We come here for help with our BSF questions as we seek God’s answers. We may even come here for poetry and inspirational quotes and the occasional book recommendation.

Starting today, I want to “lessen our load” a bit by providing a forum for idle chit-chat. The last Sunday of the month I’ll post what’s happening in my mind and you can post what’s happening in yours. About anything. It doesn’t have to be about God or spiritual attributes. This can be where you vent or share an inspirational story from the month or just take a “coffee break” and relax and read what others are thinking. This is your place to just be.

My Coffee and God Thoughts of the Month

Today has been dominated with thoughts of this blog as I am anxiously awaiting the start of BSF’s study of the People of the Promised Land Part 1. I created a Pinterest account and a page specifically for Bible Study Fellowship’s People of the Promised Land Part 1 study. I am brainstorming lots of ideas to make this site easier to navigate.

  • I want to add more links in the sidebar to helpful resources for you during the upcoming study by BSF.
  • I’m brainstorming post ideas before the study so we can all jump in running when Bible Study Fellowship finally begins again in the Fall.

Other Random Thoughts Running Through my Brain…

  • I’m enjoying the lessening of the sunlight and the darker mornings.
  • I’m looking forward to the massage I have scheduled later today.
  • I’m petting one of my kitties!
  • I’m praying this week is God’s.

I hope you enjoy this inaugural edition of Coffee and God and add your thoughts as you’re sitting with God over coffee on this amazing Sunday morning, enjoying his blessings and gifts in our lives that we so very often overlook.

Have an incredible blessed Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Coffee and God: Last Sunday of the Month Coffee Chat

  1. I am also so ready to jump into this new study. I have all the thing I need for when it starts 1. 3 in Binder 2. Plenty of copy paper 3. Plenty of notepads 4. Sticky labels with the numbers 0-30 to label the lessons.

    Keith Wood W4RPE

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  2. What a great idea! A place to vent, a place to share what God is doing in your life, a place to express whether you are happy or sad. I love it. Thank you.

  3. I have a prayer request. My brother-in-law, Lawrence, has colon cancer. He has already had one operation. The cancer is still there and the doctor has given him an option. Surgery or radiation. He chose surgery, although the doctor said it might kill him.
    I think I would have chosen the same.
    He is 75 years old, his life has been one of being a great father and helping others. Please pray that whatever the outcome that he and family will have peace.
    That peace that God promises that “passeth understanding”.
    It hurts to see someone that has always been so full of life and so vital deteriorate.
    That is what is on my thoughts today.
    Thank you.

  4. My daughter and I recently started rising early on Sunday mornings, doing yoga, and drinking coffee before church. We get all of our breakfast prep and clothing laid out on Saturday night to lessen the rush before church the next day. It has been a wonderful time for us.

  5. I am functionally illiterate when it comes to media. Will you only post on Pinterest or will you still have your blog? Do I need to “follow” to get Pinterest up dates? I don’t want to miss anything.
    My Sunday school class just finished a short study of the minor prophets. We started the Sermon on the Mount today. After studying about God’s wayward study, studying how to live a beatitudes life seems like God’s hand at work.

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