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Coffee and God: The New Year

Hey all!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, had a Merry Christmas, and is looking forward to the new year. I know I’m excited about what God will do in my life in this new decade ahead. It’s hard to believe we’re approaching 2020 already!

I’m excited to see how God will use me. I’m excited to see what goals I accomplish. I’m just excited to grow closer to God with each day.

I’ve learned as I continue to age (as we all have) that you need to maximize the moments you have been given. Life is too precious to waste.

So how will you maximize your moments this year?

Happy New Year!

Coffee And God Talks

Coffee and God: Thanksgiving

Hey all!

Thanksgiving is almost here. This is one of my favorite holidays because we get to be with family and thank God for another year of life. It is important to be thankful on this day even if your year has not been so smooth, or you’ve lost a loved one. Life is too precious to waste being bitter or depressed. Thanking God every day for the breath you breathe can be transforming in your life.

This week, remember all of the blessings you do have in your life. Thank Him for them. And just enjoy having precious time with your family.

God bless, and stay safe!

Bible and Coffee

Coffee and God: The Seasons

Hey all!

Today’s theme is the seasons. I love fall, which I believe most of us do. The colors are beautiful, the cooler weather is welcomed by all, and the seasons signal the coming holidays, which most of us enjoy.

However, there are also seasons in life as well. For a lot of us, we go from childhood through young adulthood and into the marriage years. Then, we have kids, and the seasons of our lives change as they change. They grow up, and you go from caretaker to advice-giver almost before you know it. While some of us lament these changes, it is the cycle of life, just like the seasons, and it is what makes life interesting.

I encourage you today to appreciate where you are at in your cycle, whether you’re in college, having a baby, or kissing your grandkids. The past is gone, and all we have is our future. Embrace it, and make the most of it!

God bless, and enjoy life!

Bible and Coffee

Coffee and God: Time

Hey all!

It’s so good to be back in BSF, back in God’s Word, and learning about the early church. So far, we’ve seen Pentacost, the advent of the Holy Spirit upon us and in us, and Peter stepping up his game. Coming up, Stephen and Saul/Paul.

The theme of this coffee chat is time. Time is limited for all of us, and as you get older, it only seems to go faster and more compact. What you do with your time is so important to God, whether you think of it as such or not. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Do you help others enough?
  • Do you spend your time watching TV instead of in God’s Word?
  • Do you spend enough time with your family?
  • Do you take the time to really listen to a friend in need?
  • Do you take the time to listen to God?
  • Are you having trouble finding time to complete BSF’s lessons? If so, what can you do about it?

I encourage you all to pray about how you use your time and how better you could be using your time. You only have so much time to complete God’s purpose for you here on earth. Don’t miss your chance.


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It helps me continue to run this site, which does have some costs involved, as well as put in my hours of research for you all!

If you’re not led, no worries. If you are, I thank you in advance.

You all are what makes this site amazing and keep me coming back. I love each and every one of you and pray for you weekly. Please leave comments as you can or feel free to email me. I try to answer in a few days, but my weeks are pretty hectic (I’m praying about my use of time, too)!

God bless you all!

Bible and Coffee

Coffee and God: The Power of Being

Hey all!

It’s the last Sunday of the month, and today the power of being is on my heart.


Life is taken up with so much busyness that we can lose ourselves, lose our way, and lose our family. Today, I just want to encourage you to put away your screens for a while, and reconnect with the present moment. Spend some time just being, existing, walking in nature, smelling the flowers, watching the grass grow, listening to the birds sing, and being with family.

That’s what life is all about — not how many friends you have on social media.

Bible and Coffee

Coffee and God: Preciousness of Life

Hey all!

It’s the last Sunday of the month, and today the preciousness of life is on my heart.

Recently, just two doors down, a neighbor feel into cardiac arrest and died on his front stoop. Rescuers worked for almost an hour to resuscitate him to no avail.


It made me realize just how precious life is, how quickly it can be taken away, and how much you need to love your loved ones because you never know when it will be your turn to return home.

We all know there is a better place, but it’s so hard for us since all we know is this side of heaven on Earth. Furthermore, none of us want to leave our loved ones behind.

Life is so precious; we need to hold it tight.

All of my animals are aging. My Dane had to go to the vet a couple of weeks back (luckily, it wasn’t cancer).

We know death is inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any easier to handle.

So today, love on your loved ones. Tell them you love them. Give them hugs and kisses. Appreciate life while it’s here.

Bible Study Plans: How to Study the Bible in the Summer

The summer is full of fun adventures, time outdoors, and a relaxed routine. However, it is just because of this change in routine that keeping up with your Bible study can be a challenge during the summer months. After all, you’re tempted away by so many fun and varied outdoor activities. In this blog post, I’ll examine ways to stay in the Word during the summer months away from a structured Bible study. Contact me today!


  • Set aside time first thing in the morning. When God is first in your life, you should put His Word first as well. In the morning, set aside time to study God’s word, and make it part of your routine. For example, wake up, make coffee, pray, and then open the Word and see what God has to say to you.
  • Don’t make Bible study in-depth. Sure, God wants us to study His Word closely so we can apply it to our life. However, that doesn’t mean we should wait until we have a three hour block free to do so because, for most of us, that will never happen. Hence, set aside just 5 or 10 minutes a day to be in the Word.
  • Make Bible study a play date. Invite your friends over and their kids and while the kids are running around with their heads cut off, you can study the bible with your friends.
  • Do a lunch Bible study at work. Gather some friends at work to eat lunch and read the Bible together or do a small group Bible study.
  • Coffee and God. Coffee shops are great places to hold summer Bible studies. You can enjoy coffee (my favorite drink) with the company of friends while you discuss God’s Word. It might not get any more perfect!
  • Picnic and God. With the call of nature beckoning, you can study God’s word either alone or with friends by having a picnic in God’s creation. There’s something about nature that connects us to our Creator. Quite possibly you’ll hear from Him like you haven’t ever before.

These are some of my favorite ways to stay in the Word during the summer. Feel free to comment below with your favorite ways to stay close to God during the summer months, or share this with your friends on social media with the share buttons below. Contact me for more information!