Coffee and God: The Seasons

Hey all!

Today’s theme is the seasons. I love fall, which I believe most of us do. The colors are beautiful, the cooler weather is welcomed by all, and the seasons signal the coming holidays, which most of us enjoy.

However, there are also seasons in life as well. For a lot of us, we go from childhood through young adulthood and into the marriage years. Then, we have kids, and the seasons of our lives change as they change. They grow up, and you go from caretaker to advice-giver almost before you know it. While some of us lament these changes, it is the cycle of life, just like the seasons, and it is what makes life interesting.

I encourage you today to appreciate where you are at in your cycle, whether you’re in college, having a baby, or kissing your grandkids. The past is gone, and all we have is our future. Embrace it, and make the most of it!

God bless, and enjoy life!

2 thoughts on “Coffee and God: The Seasons

  1. Ah yes ! Fall in California, the season of Santa Anas and wildfires ! Reminds me of my fate in hell, but for God’s grace !

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