Coffee and God: What’s On Your Mind Today?

Coffee And God Talks
Coffee and God Talks

One of my favorite gifts from God is coffee.  Another one of my favorite gifts from God is you!

Coffee and God: Last Sunday of the Month Coffee Chat

Last month, I began a series for the last Sunday of the month where we can just bear whatever is on our hearts. You can post today about anything. It doesn’t have to be about God. You can vent, tell stories, and take a coffee break. Say what you would if you were having coffee with your best friend (or me!). This is your place to just be.

My Coffee and God Thoughts of the Month

  • The last few months I’ve been struggling with my weight and hormones. I just want to be healthy and feel good.
  • I’m praying for my kids as they all go back to school. That they settle back in and do well in their studies.
  • I’m praying my body holds up to what I put it through every day.
  • I’m praying for more sleep. I currently average only 5-6 hours, and I need more.
  • I’m praying I can maintain all the demands on me: my jobs, my kids, my spouse, and all the other roles I fulfill. I’m praying for strength and energy mostly.
  • I’m praying I can figure out my diet as I age and as my hormones do whatever they feel like doing each month.
  • I pray for all of my animals (one of my kitties is in kidney failure and is dying), so hoping her last days with us are full of love, happiness, and are pain-free.
  • Finally, the world is on my mind. I pray in general for people everywhere, other nations, etc.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts. I’d love to hear yours so share away! Follow me on Pinterest if you’re so inclined.

One final thought: remember your blessings and be grateful for what you have. Remember you don’t deserve any of it. Remember what you do deserve, and your day will be brighter!

God bless and have a happy week!

10 thoughts on “Coffee and God: What’s On Your Mind Today?

  1. I can relate to so much of what you say here! I too struggle to get more than 6 hours of sleep because there are so many demands on my time. I’m trying to fit in healthy eating, workouts, homeschooling, tutoring, and writing. I feel pulled in a hundred directions! My prayer is to stay focused on God through this stressful season, and to have the strength (and means) to fulfill all my obligations.

  2. I am thankful for all the blessings the Lord has so graciously granted me. I am thankful for my health, I am thankful to my friends and family who support me in all my endeavors. I am thankful to be able to do the things I do with animals. I pray for guidance as I travel this road of sobriety with my adult nephew who is nearly 90 days sober. I pray for understanding, wisdom, and knowing when to just get out of the way and let God. I have lived alone most of my adult life and 3 months ago my nephew moved in as he started his journey sober and clean. He has gone through Rehab, he has a job, he hasn’t yet missed an AA meeting. I pray that God continues to guide us both as we face life in a different way. I pray that God continues to open my heart to more fully embrace my walk with The Lord as my focal point. Amen!

  3. I feel so overcome; so many times when I try to pray I feel as if it doesn’t get pass the roof. I feel so closed up as if God doesn’t want to hear my prayers. I have gotten lazy in my relationship with God. Please pray that I will awake my soul for God.

  4. I pray for my two unborn grandchildren that they continue to have great health and delivery and that both big brothers and themselves can meet each other some day and unite as family since they’re fathers (my sons) are not speaking.

  5. I am thankful for coffee and GOD! How mighty is He?! I can love because of Him. I am entering into a new relationship at 55 years old. We are very intentional in our actions and praise be, he’s a man of God. I pray that the Lord guide us in our journey of discovering one another and that He shine His light in and on us. I believe this could be the one (after waiting 12 years since my divorce)!!
    I pray for my dear friend who has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I pray that she responds to treatment well and that God blankets her and her family in peace and acceptance of what His will is in this devastating event.
    I pray that the people of this nation lift each other up, rather than tearing apart. Especially for our President. He needs support to complete his job the best way he knows how. He needs the chance to be able to do his job rather than having to defend himself constantly. I pray that he have strength and courage and resilience to opposition (Satan, namely).
    I pray that this season of studying the Bible will teach me many things that I can bring forth to as many people as possible. Spread the Word, right?!
    I pray that God abundantly blesses you all who read this prayer. Amen.

  6. Lissette Trahan Says:

    Atoz, I have been trying to enter the following into your comments for today but WordPress won’t let me. I made the mistake of subscribing and now I cannot unsubscribe. Hopefully you can enter what I wrote? I love this series!!

    I am 83 years old and feel the deterioration of body and mind. I have tendonitis which makes me use my left hand for the computer etc. My husband and I fumble through everything. I finally decided to get a walker so I can exercise. Without it I feel like I will fall if a twig gets in the way. People look at me funny because I go so fast with it 🙂 Exercise is essential to keep your body in working order.

    However I have so much to be grateful for. I thank God everyday that I still have my husband and this time that he has allowed us to be together, I have been married for over 50 years. I cannot imagine life without him but I take comfort in knowing that God will not forsake me whatever happens.

    Just recently I was able to publish a book of poems with comments“Why Do I Believe”. The whole process was surreal! I felt guided by God. When you are in God’s will life is so exciting.

    In my 83 years of life God has showed me how much he loves me. He kept me safe even through my stupidities and mistakes. He loved me even when I did not know Him.

    I was such a skeptic for so long but He wouldn’t let me go. His love is powerful!! It conquers all.

    Nothing that this life throws at me can take away the joy that I feel when I think about spending eternity with my Savior. Nothing else matters!!

  7. First of all, Thank You for doing what you do. It helps keep me grounded during the long summer months without BSF. It’s a terrible thing to share, but on Friday our Pastor committed suicide. We belong to Inland Hills Church in Chino Hills CA. Please pray for his family. He left his wife and 3 small sons. His father started the church and fought a courageous battle with Leukemia. His son, Andrew took over and was SUCH A NATURAL AND SO GOOD. He was young for a Pastor, but was INCREDIBLE. He was suffering from Anxiety and Depression and had some haters and had to hire security and move, as they threatened to kill his family. All of our hearts are hurting. Please pray to protect his family and our church. Thank You from my Heart.
    Debbie Rash
    Chino CA

  8. Taking it day by day is right. I have had to set aside or seriously cut back some things I enjoy (tv/reading at night, mainly) to get more sleep and essential tasks accomplished, but it has been worth it! I am focusing on “redeeming the time” this home-school year for sure.

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