Do You Ever Long for Heaven?

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This was a question that arose in my other bible study and I found it fascinating.

If you are a believer, then your true home is heaven.  You are a transient here on Earth, here for a short time to accomplish God’s purpose for your life, and then taken back home.

But do you long for it?

My answer was no, I don’t.  And I think because I know I have not accomplished God’s purpose for me here on earth yet.  I am constantly striving to fulfill His desires; it’s what drives me.  And I am so consumed by this that thoughts of heaven (for me anyways) are few and far between.

I think when I get closer to finishing God’s work for me here these thoughts will become more and more frequent.

You could chalk this up to age.  As you get older, you think more and more about dying, God, and heaven.  But for me, I believe it’s more the former:  having to do with accomplishing God’s work for me.  I believe only then will I find rest.

So does this lead to a sense of comfort here on Earth?  I’ve never thought about comfort per se.  I’m so impatient to do His work that it consumes me most of the time.  I’ve never been one to covet fancy things anyways so as long as I have food, clothing, shelter, and my kids and husband are happy, I’m good.

Are we supposed to be comfortable here on Earth when it’s not our home?  John 10:10 says we are to live life to the full.  What what is the full?  Is it material items or is it peace, That’s for you to decide.  Check your gut.  What does it tell you?

Our teacher says we are not supposed to be comfortable here on earth.  We’re supposed to be uneasy.  I just don’t think about comfort much to be honest.  It’s not a main concern of mine.

BSF briefly touched upon this point in Lesson 27 Day 3 with John 15:19, reminding us that “the world hates you.”  So if the world hates us then we should be uncomfortable, right?

So what about you?  Are you at home here on Earth or comfortable or do you long for Heaven?  Or maybe a bit of both?

11 thoughts on “Do You Ever Long for Heaven?

  1. i am grateful that this is not my permanent home and that i do have something to look forward to. Our job is becoming Christlike and doing God’s will and everyday i learn more. I do not always do what is intended so i am a work in progress.

  2. Yes, I do long for my heavenly home. Also, I know my time here is not ended for a reason. I am trying to bring as many people with me as I can by telling non-believers about the Gospel. I am part of a Christian family, and I am also somewhat disabled, so my contact with non-believers is very limited. As I study the Bible and read the Gospel, I learn more and more about how to be a true believer and spread His Word. I, too, am a work in progress. I am sure heaven is real and I’m not afraid to die, because I know where I am going. Until then, I try to pray continually and live a Christlike life.

  3. I too am thankful that earth is not my permanent home. I embrace the thought of going to Heaven and sitting at the right hand of God. I will do all that God wills of me while here on earth . . . walk with the Lord (as if I’m already sitting next to Him on his throne), study His Word and love my fellow man. I recently had a conversation with my Mom and Aunt (both 80+ years old) and they both (although staunch Christians) seem to have a “fear” of dying . . . they want to stay on this earth as long as possible. I tell them that they should not fear death and know that once God calls them Home, they will be in eternal peace . . . no more worries (aches, pains, bills, etc.)!

  4. Every day I long for Jesus to return and end this sinful world we live in. I long for heaven and can hardly wait until God calls me home. Until then I will study His word, share the gospel with others, pray and wait for that great day when we look up to the sky and see our Jesus appearing.

  5. Love your question and your photograph. There was a time when I was heartbroken and dealing with chronic physical pain all at once. I couldn’t bear it. It was a recipe for a longing to be in heaven where there couldn’t possibly be this kind of despair. I no longer felt safe here. I prayed constantly and others prayed for me too. Slowly doors started to open. Amen. But because my soul has been in the darkest place I could imagine, I feel closer to God. God is our grace, our gift, our real home.

  6. I do long for heaven and I am 51 year old mother of a nine and 11 year old boys. I began to feel this way after I watched my mom die of a terminal illness from July 2009 – Oct 2009. (My mom and I were so close…it’s that unconditional love you get from your mother – so unlike any other love.) God blessed me so richly during her time of illness and eventual death…when I simply could not walk, He carried me. Never have I been closer to God or depended on Him (minute by minute, hour by hour) as I did then. I read so much about death, dying, near death experiences and then later books like Heaven is for Real and others -which all just confirmed for me how much we have to look forward too in our death.

    The question I get is…but don’t you want to raise your boys? And yes of course I would love to – but I also realize that God has a plan for me, for all of us. If it’s His will to take me to heaven earlier rather than later – I’ve got to trust Him. Praise HIM!

  7. I long every day to be with my Lord. It is so funny you brought this question up because I was talking with a friend last week who says she is a Christian. We were talking about how the world is and all I said was that I hope the Lord comes soon to take us home and she really got upset and said not to say that. I said why? She said because she did not like to think about the world ending. I just find it hard to believe that someone who loves Christ would not be longing to be with Him. I am only 42 and she is in her early sixtys. I guess I was just surprised by her response.

  8. I think of this life as an itchy sweater, I feel like my spirit is always squirmming wanting to get out of here. I long for heaven, for my father almost every day and actually its been alot more frequent lately. This doesn’t make me want to die any sooner. I still want to live to be an old women doing God’s work but I miss and long for him daily. Also I’m only 31 now. :}

  9. My whole life I have felt like a wanderer – which is pretty amazing, since I’ve been married 38 years and lived in the same house for over 22 years. It wasn’t until I began Bible study many, many years ago that I began to understand that part of me longs for that heavenly home, while the other part wants to see the fruit of my labors here. It has helped me to see that I am just passing through this world and hopefully, while I am here, I am doing what God has put me here to do – although I wonder every single day. It is like the Romans passage which states that every one of us is born with the knowledge of God within us – what we do with that is up to us. Things in this world are so discouraging that it is hard not to wonder what a glorious life awaits us.

  10. Sometimes I am so uncomfortable here in this world tears stream down my face. To see other people suffer triggers a like reaction in my own spirit. I pray for them instantly of course and offer whatever help I can but when I leave them or look away I take the pain with me. People are so mean to each other, so hurtful to each other, and for what gain? All my life I have had a hard time understanding why humans hurt each other on purpose and I am 60 yrs old. It is easier to love than to hate. You certainly sleep better. Yes, I long for heaven.

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