Do You Ever Long for Heaven?

Beautiful Sunrise!

This was a question that arose in my other bible study and I found it fascinating.

If you are a believer, then your true home is heaven.  You are a transient here on Earth, here for a short time to accomplish God’s purpose for your life, and then taken back home.

But do you long for it?

My answer was no, I don’t.  And I think because I know I have not accomplished God’s purpose for me here on earth yet.  I am constantly striving to fulfill His desires; it’s what drives me.  And I am so consumed by this that thoughts of heaven (for me anyways) are few and far between.

I think when I get closer to finishing God’s work for me here these thoughts will become more and more frequent.

You could chalk this up to age.  As you get older, you think more and more about dying, God, and heaven.  But for me, I believe it’s more the former:  having to do with accomplishing God’s work for me.  I believe only then will I find rest.

So does this lead to a sense of comfort here on Earth?  I’ve never thought about comfort per se.  I’m so impatient to do His work that it consumes me most of the time.  I’ve never been one to covet fancy things anyways so as long as I have food, clothing, shelter, and my kids and husband are happy, I’m good.

Are we supposed to be comfortable here on Earth when it’s not our home?  John 10:10 says we are to live life to the full.  What what is the full?  Is it material items or is it peace, That’s for you to decide.  Check your gut.  What does it tell you?

Our teacher says we are not supposed to be comfortable here on earth.  We’re supposed to be uneasy.  I just don’t think about comfort much to be honest.  It’s not a main concern of mine.

BSF briefly touched upon this point in Lesson 27 Day 3 with John 15:19, reminding us that “the world hates you.”  So if the world hates us then we should be uncomfortable, right?

So what about you?  Are you at home here on Earth or comfortable or do you long for Heaven?  Or maybe a bit of both?