Does It Matter If I Ever Get Published?

I recently resurrected my women’s fiction novel.  The new query (one of a thousand versions) came to me in a split second moment and I believe it is my strongest yet.  It has led me back to re-working my novel just a bit in order to incorporate ideas from my query.

If you have been following my blog, then you know how incredibly frustrated I have been from this whole publishing industry.  It has gotten me down, caused numerous tears, and left me overall depressed.

Yet, as I listened to my recently downloaded God music on my IPod and this query just came to me, I thought, “Does it even matter if I ever get published if I’m enjoying what I’m doing, spending my time doing what I want to do, and answering my heart’s and God’s calling?”

My recent answer is, “NO, it doesn’t matter.  It would be nice but should be only icing on the cake, not the end-all and the solver of my problems.”

Don’t get me wrong, I intend to fight with everything in my body to have my dreams realized.  But, if it doesn’t happen in my time frame, it won’t be the end of me.  I still have my real life to lead–one of family–that trumps this life I lead in my stories.  And it is this life that matters the most.

One thought on “Does It Matter If I Ever Get Published?

  1. Of course it doesn’t matter if you’re published!

    Writing for pleasure is far more satisfying. I recently started interviewing first-time authors about getting published for my blog. I was somewhat surprised to discover that (for many of them), post-publication was the hard part. Because then you have to get out there and promote your book. It’s the complete opposite of the introversion and reflection needed for writing.

    One approach I’ve found that works, is writing (or even reading aloud) your story as though you’re telling it to someone you know. That way, you cut out all the unnecessary guff and make it entertaining. (Because naturally you will want to keep your imaginary friend entertained.)

    Good luck with it!
    Cathryn Isakson
    (who has at least 2 unpublishable manuscripts in her bottom drawer)

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