I usually don’t have vivid dreams, but I woke up this morning with one.  As a writer, all of my novel ideas have been from my dreams (ultimately from God in my opinion) and this one was intriguing.  I immediately wrote it down because the conversation was so alive and breathing.  I don’t see how it will fit into a story but maybe one day.

As I’ve been researching literary agents to submit to, I’m discovering ones I’ve never discovered before.  This is because I’ve wrote a young adult (YA) novel instead of one for adults.  I didn’t realize how many agents out there focus exclusively on kids works.  I find this fact great.  I love helping my kids pick out books at the bookstore and now I know why there are so many fabulous ones on the shelves.  Thanks to all the agents out there who recognize talent and work so feverishly to bring it to the world.

Now if only one of these esteemed literary agents would bring my talent to the world!

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