God’s Forgiveness

God’s Forgiveness

As I was seeking to know You
My thoughts went back to my past
My sins I had to review
Forgiveness was there if I asked

I had no doubt of Your love
As I searched with all of my heart
With my sin I had hurt You enough
Lord, forgive me, I need a new start

I repent and know I’m forgiven
The sorrow I feel is so real
Forgiveness is not based on feelings
God’s promise is all I should need

When I repent and confess I find,
Reading the Word renews my mind

Then when something brings up my past
I’ll say, Jesus took care of that


Lissette Trahan

Comment on God’s Forgiveness

I used to ask God’s forgiveness and then instead
of rejoicing I would waste time feeling guilty.
I have learned that whether I feel forgiven or not
I am forgiven.

The one thing that helps me and I repeat is,
If I repent and confess my sins God is faithful
to forgive me.

I refuse to let feelings dictate my life. That is
the devil’s job but it is my job to watch him flee
when I fight him with scripture.

God leads us to true repentance. The goodness
of God led me to repentance. Once I accepted
Him and got a glimpse of His love my life changed.
I still sinned but my heart changed. I hate to
sin and when I do I ask forgiveness.

God is faithful.

John 1:9 NIV
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and
just and will forgive us our sins and purify
us from all unrighteousness

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