Abiding in Me


An amazing event happened on the cross
It is the reason Christ abides in me.
A gift so great it makes me pause
To think what happened on that tree.

The life I now live is Christ in me
A marvel hard to understand
God knew what He had to achieve
His love for us, He had it planned.

I am the branch, He is the vine
Apart from the vine I cannot be.
Bearing much fruit is to obey
Lord, please guide me along the way.

The way to glorify God is to bear fruit
Showing my love in gratitude

Abiding in me
Glorifying you Lord.

Lissette Trahan


I ask myself, when did I know for sure that I had the
spirit abiding in me? According to the Word it was when
I surrendered my life to Jesus. At the time I didn’t feel
any different but I knew in my heart something had

Months later when I was troubled and seeking was when
I actually felt His presence. After that I was guided to
start “Feed My Sheep”. I knew I was doing God’s will.

Doors opened at every turn. I would take one step
forward in faith and the impossible would happen.

I am so impressed with the many who have incredible
faith and act without having any spiritual experience,
but have that deep belief that shows how they live
their lives.

In John, Jesus said,
“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet
have believed”.

God in His grace treats all of us differently. He had a
plan for me, and knew I needed His presence to
accomplish it.

John 20:29
Then Jesus told him,”Because you have seen me,
you have believed; blessed are those who have
not seen and yet have believed



Wisdom is more valuable than gold or silver
It promises long life, honor, and riches
“Nothing you desire can compare with her”
Her ways are pleasant, Her ways are precious

What are the greatest riches in life?
Understanding value, understanding truth
Peace-loving, purifying, and avoiding strife
That is the path that I want to choose

The Bible tells the story of Solomon
He was given a choice, he just had to ask
Solomon knew what mattered was wisdom
How did he know what he had to ask?

Wisdom will show me what really matters
My life without her would have no vision
So many choices, I need some answers
Help me. O Lord, my life needs wisdom

I need to reflect, what do I treasure
The Kingdom of heaven, or this world full of pleasure?


Lissette Trahan


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of
wisdom. True wisdom is found in
obedience to God.

Wisdom means having the knowledge
and understanding to recognize the right
course of action and having the will and
courage to follow it.

Wisdom is a gift from God. God says that
if we lack wisdom we should ask Him.

Why do I need wisdom?
To use my knowledge, to glorify Him.

In this journey I have found that
Wisdom is the application of knowledge.
Knowledge is getting to know God.

I have found in my life that I had to read
the Bible, experience Him, then came faith,
then wisdom.

If I take the first step and seek Him, that
to me is the real beginning of wisdom.
Knowing God is what really
matters—that is wisdom.

Wherever your treasure is will decide whether
you have wisdom.

Proverbs 3:13-15
Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and one
who get understanding for the gain, from her is
better than gain from silver and her profit better
than gold. She is more precious than jewels,
and nothing you can desire can compare with her.

God’s Forgiveness

God’s Forgiveness

As I was seeking to know You
My thoughts went back to my past
My sins I had to review
Forgiveness was there if I asked

I had no doubt of Your love
As I searched with all of my heart
With my sin I had hurt You enough
Lord, forgive me, I need a new start

I repent and know I’m forgiven
The sorrow I feel is so real
Forgiveness is not based on feelings
God’s promise is all I should need

When I repent and confess I find,
Reading the Word renews my mind

Then when something brings up my past
I’ll say, Jesus took care of that


Lissette Trahan

Comment on God’s Forgiveness

I used to ask God’s forgiveness and then instead
of rejoicing I would waste time feeling guilty.
I have learned that whether I feel forgiven or not
I am forgiven.

The one thing that helps me and I repeat is,
If I repent and confess my sins God is faithful
to forgive me.

I refuse to let feelings dictate my life. That is
the devil’s job but it is my job to watch him flee
when I fight him with scripture.

God leads us to true repentance. The goodness
of God led me to repentance. Once I accepted
Him and got a glimpse of His love my life changed.
I still sinned but my heart changed. I hate to
sin and when I do I ask forgiveness.

God is faithful.

John 1:9 NIV
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and
just and will forgive us our sins and purify
us from all unrighteousness

Why Do I Worry

Why Do I Worry

To trust You, O Lord, is to say I love You
I wish I could say that I always do
To say I don’t worry would not be the truth
The desire of my heart is to always please You

Trusting is easy when things go my way
But O how I stumble when things go astray
You prove Your faithfulness time after time
Instead of thanking you I ask for a sign

I think back at my life and all I can see
Why did I worry, You were right there by me
A life without worry, how great that would be
A life without worry, than I’d be free

Your love kept me always from falling apart
I know I can trust You with all of my heart

You keep my paths straight
You guide me through life
My life I now celebrate
Worry or not


Lissette Trahan


Worry seems to be a part of human nature.
I can say I will not worry but when the
problems come I do worry.

Worry is such a waste of time,
it doesn’t fix the problem.

When I worry I am not trusting God.
Even knowing that, it doesn’t keep
me from worrying.

God tells us not to worry, to give Him
all our concerns. I know deep in my heart
that there is nothing I am going through
that He is not attentive to.

When I go to Him in prayer, He promises to
give me the peace that passeth understanding.

What a wonderful promise. Peace is what erases
worry. Trusting what He promises is the answer.

1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your anxiety on him,
because he cares for you

Philippians 4:6-7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in
everything byprayer and supplication with
thanksgiving let your requests be made known
to God. And the peace of God,which passeth
understanding, will guard your hearts
and your minds in Christ Jesus

By My Side


If Jesus was by my side
How would I act, what would I say
I know so much I’d try to hide
I would act a different way

Thinking back on my life’s journey
Lord, I have many regrets
Sins that make me feel unworthy
I do humbly confess

What would He have to say to me,
He came to earth to let me see
To show me, Lord, what I could be
Guiding me to Glory

He became like me
So I could become like Him
He showed me love
Why do I sin?

I’m so grateful for Your blood
Day by day it cleanses me
I feel loved and never judged
By Your side I know I’m free


Lissette Trahan


I often wonder what I would be like if Jesus
were by my side. Would I be ashamed of where I
am, of what I am doing, of what I am saying?
Would I make the same choices when facing my
day to day problems? Or would I be a pretender?
I want to be all He wants me to be but so many times I fail.

I know I would ask Him to forgive me for the
many times I have offended Him and thank Him
for the many blessings. I would tell him all my
problems and let Him help me with the decisions.

I have the miracle of the
Holy Spirit living in me, beside me, teaching me,
guiding me.

He is by my side. He is in me, with me and for

I don’t have to wonder, He is by my side.

Philippians 2:13
For God is working in you, giving you the desire
and the power to do what pleases him


Woman After My Heart

Woman After My Heart

One of the things I don’t know for sure, what is
my hearts desire

Is it wealth, is it fame, is it love, is it health,
what is it I require

When I get this feeling of emptiness, what is it,
Lord, that I want

I pray and I ask, God, what is wrong? Waiting
for some response

I already know what the problem is, that little
voice, comes from within

Asking me where I’ve been

It happens again and again, when I ignore,
Jesus, my closest friend

I know that my real desire, is to never be apart.

Someday I want to hear, the Lord, say
“You’re A Woman After My Own Heart”


Lissette Trahan


My hearts desire is not for fame nor wealth nor
love nor health.

My heart’s desire is that when I see Jesus face
to face He would say,
“Here is a woman after my own heart”

What does it mean to be a person after God’s
own heart?

I read the story of David and it gives me hope.
David was a sinner, but he was humble, he
admitted his sin and asked forgiveness.

David loved God, cried out to God, the
consequence of his sin did not turn him from

Most importantly David never ignored God.
I know that is the way to His heart.
Love does not ignore.

Acts 13:22
“I have found David the son of Jesse,
a man after mine own heart, which shall
fulfill all my will”



Your Word talks about a peace
A peace that passeth understanding
It seems like such a mystery
All of life is so demanding

I had been seeking every day
I was about to give up hope
But first I stopped and had to pray
“Lord, are You there? I cannot cope”

My heart leaped surprising me
It happened so unexpectedly

That was the day I felt that peace
That was the day I felt that joy
Your love became so real to me
Nothing that this life could destroy

All I can say on this long journey
Peace doesn’t come so easily
But You have been right there with me
That peace no more a mystery

The “peace of God, which passeth understanding”
Phil 4:7


Lissette Trahan



The more I read the bible
More clearly I can see
The miracle of Prophecy
That leads me straight to Thee

So many years neglected
At first I could not see
How it was all connected
The Old, the New
And what’s to be

In searching the Old Testament
I see the New fulfilled
His Word is all one statement
How great is Prophecy

It shows me that His Word
From Genesis to end
All points to my Redeemer
How can I make amends

How did I miss the miracle
Your Word was there to see
A beautiful love letter
Made specially for me.


Lissette Trahan