I Never Thought I’d Say This But…

I like editing.

I used to hate it.  Despise it.  Curse it.

Now, it’s a challenge to me.  To make my writing better.  To find the awkward wordings and sentences.  To tighten up my story.  To eliminate repetition.  To make my story the best it can possibly be in hopes of landing an agent and getting published.

What Keeps Me Going...
What Keeps Me Going…

I’ve set an unofficial deadline for myself of June 1st to finish this novel and begin querying. It’s finished. But I’m not sure if I’ll be done editing it by then.

But it’ll be close.  Very, very close.

Oops!  Shouldn’t use the word ‘very’ now should I?

7 thoughts on “I Never Thought I’d Say This But…

  1. I used to hate editing, too. Now I have a much better understanding for it and I love it. It’s actually kind of therapeutic, if you think about it. Or maybe that’s just me, lol.

  2. Where was the photo in this blog taken? Looks like a scene from SE Arizona….God bless and thanks for all you do!

  3. You are an amazing writer. Let all of us all know when it’s published.

    Jane Wilson

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  4. You’re an awesome writer. I certainly enjoy your thoughts on BSF lessons throughout the year. You have wonderful insights!

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