Inspirational Quotes: All Praise to God

All praise to God.

You might say “Duh” to this one.  But do you give ALL praise to the Lord?  When you accomplish a goal, do you take credit?  God does it all.  Period.  NO MATTER WHAT.  Always and forever.

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  1. I do not have lesson 12 questions and answers for BSF Romans. I just finished lesson 11 and I have your wonderful assistance with lesson 13 but have no answers to lessons 12. Could you please send them to me? I don’t want to fall behind next week. You may recall that I am blind and use a screen reader. It’s tough for me to navigate your site. Let me take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate all you do and the time it takes for you to lead us through our various studies in BSF. You are a God send!

    In His mighty grip,

    Kathy Davis

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