Calling all AtoZMom Subscribers & Readers!!! This Blog Needs Your Input!!

Hey all!

I believe God has put upon my heart to grow this forum and reach more for Him.

Some of you may have noticed a few changes.  Lissette Trahan was added as a contributor with her amazing, God-inspired poetry.  I’ve started a Saturday Snippet column with sage words of advice.

Now I’m wondering what’s next?

So I’m asking you, my amazing and gifted readers and subscribers what would you like to see?  Guest authors?  More contributors?  A different area of ministry?  Affiliate groups with book suggestions?  Some kind of event postings?  An advertising forum for your business?  Some kind of question and answers feedback on the lessons or any area of spirituality you are struggling with?

These are just some ideas I’m having.  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions for this site.

I would also like to invite feedback on how this site is doing.  Helping?  Hurting?  What can I do better?  What am I doing right?  Wrong?  Lay it all out!

You can either leave me a comment below or email me at

Any ideas are appreciated!  This is your blog as much as mine, and I want to serve you!  I look forward to hearing from you all.

God bless and have a blessed and merry weekend!

21 thoughts on “Calling all AtoZMom Subscribers & Readers!!! This Blog Needs Your Input!!

  1. I appreciate your blog very much. There are many times that I am unable to attend my BSF class because of my work schedule. With your blog I am still feel in touch with lesson until I am able to receive the written materials. You have helped me with my dedication to be in Gods Word everyday. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  2. Could you recommend a good book on the history of Israel? next year BSF will be studying that. thanks and i love and thank you for this blog. shar

  3. I like the “wrapping” you put around the BSF lessons like Fun Facts, and background information. I know this takes a lot of research on your part so I urge you to heed Larry Stirtz’ advice: do not take on too much.

  4. I really appreciate all rhe time you put in = research, study, end notes, fun facts, etc. Very useful to me. Thanks.

  5. How about a section for short prayers. I have at least 100 short prayers that I have collected over the years. No longer than 150 words. I find they help me to start praying. Sort of a primer. This is a sample of Prayer # 1. I number them instead of name them because many of them have a variety of subjects. I only have bits and pieces of prayers that have inspired me at the time.

    PRAYER # 1

    Heavenly Father, ever near with your loving
    presence, please bless me with a deeper
    and more personal knowledge and experience
    of you in my life.

    Until the day I can see You face to face
    in heaven, please draw me closer and closer
    to you.

    Thank you that the Holy spirit
    intercedes for me while I pray,

    Thank you that I don’t have to articulate
    prayers to be heard. I come to you as your
    child, your humble servant who longs to
    live for you and praise you with all of
    my life.

    Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit who
    keeps my hope alive and fills me with a sense
    of your loving presence.

    Please open my mind and heart to know
    you better through the presence of Your Holy Spirit

    The only problem I see is that I don’t know where my prayers came from, not sure if that would be infringing on someones prayers that are copyrighted.

    It could be called “Collection of Prayers”?

    Just an idea.

  6. I just love this sight. My BSF experience has increased because of you. I feel more organized and ready to discuss the lesson. When my brain isn’t working you get me activated and off I go. Thank you so much.

  7. I really thank God for you and this site. I like your extra in depth information and biblical facts added after the BSF questions. Since BSF has changed so much and really doesn’t go in depth on some of the questions, I appreciate how you give the biblical background. It has helped me a lot!

    I would love a Q&A forum for the BSF questions, just to get other people’s perspectives.

    Again, thank you for all that you do and never doubt that God is using you to reach and help many!

    Be blessed

  8. I would love for you to take your BSF conclusions and end notes with key scriptures to do devotional books. You already have your material and it wouldn’t require using copyrighted BSF material. I have always liked the way you add so much extra.

  9. Homiletics or the scripture main summary sentence. The main truth we are to take away from the passage.

  10. I have followed you for several years. You help me understand the questions and passages. This year, my husband is battling pancreatic and liver cancer so I’ve not been able to attend many meetings. Therefore, I miss the group discussions and lectures. I feel reading your comments help to fill in the gaps so much for me. I hope that you will continue with your work.

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