“My Food is To Do the Will of Him Who Sent Me and To Finish His Work”

Jesus in John 4:34

Jesus is talking to the Samaritan woman at the well and explains to her what his food is–what he lives off of–God’s work and God’s will.

This is a great mantra.  To do God’s will and finish what God started; His work for you.

It’s discovering this that’s the hard part.  For each of us has a different commission.

So I pray:

What is your will for me, God, and what is the work I need to finish?

And added:  Make it clear.  Hit me with it as hard as you must. Let me get it without a doubt.


4 thoughts on ““My Food is To Do the Will of Him Who Sent Me and To Finish His Work”

  1. If God is in it…He will open a door so wide…you can’t help but fall inside. Look what happened when you applied for a job with the newspaper!

  2. AtoZ I know this is the wrong article but I just got done reading “Heaven is for Real” I sat down and read the whole thing and cried the whole way through. Thank You so much for recommending it, it is such a blessing in more ways than you can ever know. God blessed me with a vision once, it wasn’t of heaven and its really hard to explain in human terms but it made it easier to understand and relate to the book. God is real, Jesus is real. They are not just characters in a book. I’ve know this for a long time but to feel him in my vision and read of this boys account makes me feel them so much stronger and gain a small understanding of what GOD is like in person. Thanks again!

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