Scarecrow Pete

I LOVE this book by Mark Kimball Moulton!

We follow a boy who one day realizes the old scarecrow in his garden talks.  Scarecrow Pete loves to read and he asks the boy to read to him.  The boy picks out Moby Dick from a pile of old books by the Pete’s feet and begins.  The boy is immediately sucked in and this sets off a summer full of wonderful reads as the boy learns that reading is an adventure.

Told in verse, this book is great at telling kids the wonders of reading.  Scarecrow Pete has imaginary friends and explains, “Why, I can go most anywhere by reading a good book.”

Pete leaves in the autumn to be a library volunteer on his mission to encourage others to read “for it’s the first step that it takes for someone to succeed.”

I couldn’t agree more!

“You can do most anything, meet anyone you please, travel anywhere you like and do it all with ease.  Just find a place that’s comfortable–a nice, warm, cozy nook–and lose yourself among the pages of a favorite book!”

Scarecrow Pete is a great, fun encouraging read with a timeless message and fantastic illustrations!

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