Remember Our Blessings…

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week, in lieu of prayer requests I’d like to have a post devoted to God’s blessings and praises–what God has given us instead of what He hasn’t yet (which He has we just can’t see it).

Too often (myself included) we forget out blessings and instead focus on the little setbacks in life.  Granted, sometimes the setbacks are big but God is always in the midst.

Just some of my blessings:

I am blessed by my husband who sacrifices time with his family so we can live a good life. I am blessed to be able to write to you, to afford Internet, and to write somewhat intelligently.  I am blessed being able to take guitar lessons and learn alongside my kids. They are blessed in this as well.

I lead a pretty good life.  I don’t have to work.  I spend all my time with my kids.  I get to do whatever I want most of the time.

Sure, my husband is struggling in his career.  But God is there.  By his side the entire time.  And God’s faithful to move him where He wants him.

I am blessed by my three beautiful children who God has entrusted to me to raise in His name.

I am blessed that I still have one dog whose unconditional love is hard to surpass.

I am blessed with a home, a family, food, clothing, and shelter.  I am blessed by my blog and spreading His message.  I am blessed by BSF and the Bible, God’s word.  I am blessed by Him.

I am blessed by you all and your words of wisdom, different view points, prayers, encouragements, disagreements, opinions, answers, questions, challenges, and advice.  I am grateful for each and every one of you who visit and my heart sings when you post your thoughts and prayers here.  God bless you all.

What are your blessings?

9 thoughts on “Remember Our Blessings…

  1. I am blessed with a husband who loves me and sacrifices daily for me. I am blessed to be an at home wife, which allows me to spend time with my dear grandchildren and great nieces each week. I am blessed to have a nice home in a safe neighborhood. I am blessed to have living parents, and extended family nearby. I am blessed that although my husband struggled mightily in his career, we always had enough, and I only had to work a few years to help pay for our son’s college. I am blessed to have a dog who is sweet and gentle. I am blessed to have time to devote to study of God’s word, and blessed that God hasn’t taken away my free time when I have neglected to study. I am blessed to have a room waiting for me in the Father’s house and know that those I love best will be there as well.

  2. I am blessed with the assurance of salvation. I am blessed with a husband who is my soul mate and protector. I am blessed with a precious daughter who has given me two grandchildren. I am blessed that my son has been drug free for almost a year. I am blessed with communication with an estranged daughter who has not been a part of our life for 10 years. I am blessed with a brother and two sisters and their families. I could go on and on…but these are tops in my life. Happy thanksgiving to you and all you readers.

  3. I am so blessed with your work for us on your blog.
    I am so blessed with a wonderful, adoring husband that God picked just for me! We have a wonderful son & his family. Christ has brought so many wonderful people in to our lives.
    I’m blessed with great health, wonderful Bible Study, also to be in a warm climate!


  4. I agree with the others, I feel we are blessed to have your blog. Your comments are always practical and to the point and give good insight.

    I am blessed to have Jesus Christ in my life and knowing that all of us with faith will be joined with him in heaven. I am blessed that in our retirement we are able to survive, our house is paid for and our utility bills are lower due to extra insulation.

    I am blessed to have a loving husband, son, and granddaughter.

    I am blessed to have Christian friends, a great pastor and people who have provided a loving church.
    I am blessed that I can afford to help support my church’s food pantry.

    I am blessed to be able to walk even if it is with some difficultly. Jesus Christ has provided for me to be able to tolerate some pain.

    I truly do love my neighbors, or people in general, but most of all I love Jesus Christ and he blesses me with the Holy Spirit.

    Thanks for your blog and everyone have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  5. Blest Be the Tie That Binds

    Blest be the tie that binds
    Our hearts in Christian love;
    The fellowship of kindred minds
    Is like to that above.

    Before our Father’s throne
    We pour our ardent pray’rs;
    Our fears, our hopes, our aims, are one,
    Our comforts and our cares.

    We share our mutual woes,
    Our mutual burdens bear;
    And often for each other flows
    The sympathizing tear.

    When we asunder part,
    It gives us inward pain;
    But we shall still be joined in heart,
    And hope to meet again.

    Lyrics: John Fawcett
    Music: Hans Georg Naegeli

    1. Thanks, Bob. This was one of the congregational hymns at our wedding 32 years ago this month! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I’m blessed because I had a father (he died 38 years ago) who paid for my English lessons in a country where the majority of the population can barely speak Portuguese!! I’m blessed to have a German friend who talked to me about BSF. I’m blessed to have found out your blog through internet. I’m blessed because I got to know you a person that I admire. Yes, you, my virtual friend and a good sister in Christ! God bless your life!!. Much love from Brazil <3

  7. I am so blessed to read about everyone’s blessings! I too am blessed to have salvation through none other, than Jesus Christ, our Lord. He gave me a precious loving husband who is my heart’s desire & I am his. I love you too, Atozmom, & all the blessings you share eah week. I do my lesson and when I get lost in trying to answer, you always have something to share that helps me understand. This is a fabulous fellowship all on its own and I so appreciate everyone who comments and prays and whose love of Jesus shines through in this blog. Here is wishing a safe and blessed Thanksgiving to all! Deb

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