Summer Devotional August 4th, 2017

Proverbs 12:25:  “An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.”

“How are you?” you ask.

“Fine,” your friend says.  “Good.”

This is an automatic response.  Most of us never think to say anything else.  How often do we say this when it’s untrue?  Most of the time?  How many of us say the truth when asked.  “Ya know, today has been one of the worst of my life.  All these things happened….”

No, we bottle this up, especially to strangers.

My challenge for you today is to say something kind to everyone you meet, run into, or have a conversation with. Compliment their clothes, hair, smile, laugh.  Thank them for holding the door.  Encourage them if they look glum. Smile.  Be cheerful.  Be warm.  Be happy.

Because odds are that person is anxious about something and will never tell you.  But your little extra effort will go a long way to easing their path.

6 thoughts on “Summer Devotional August 4th, 2017

  1. Writing poems are one of the most satisfying things that I do. Creating them is like a prayer and meditation. This is one of my first ones. I will use it as my prayer for today.

    I will never forget that day
    So unexpectedly
    You introduced Yourself to me
    And said “I am the Way”

    I never saw or felt you
    But I knew that You were there
    What joy, what love enveloped me
    I knew then that you cared

    I had been blind, You gave me sight
    I wish I could explain
    The only thing I know for sure
    Is that I’m not the same

    How great a love, How can it be
    I asked the question, Lord why me?
    His words pierced me through like a knife
    “I died that I could live you life”

    O God My Lord, I worship you
    Is there now something I can do?
    Go tell the world what a I told you
    “I am the Way, the Life, the Truth”

    By Lissette Trahan

      1. Thank you Atoz, I have more. I will send one everyday if it is okay with you. Maybe that is one way that I can serve Him. To Him be the glory!!

  2. Atoz, I love your devotion today. How different our world would be if we showed real interest in the people we meet or encounter in our day. Not only might it brighten their day but it would also change ours. Such an easy thing to give a compliment, to give a smile. It makes me feel guilty for the times that I could have and I didn’t. That changes right now. Thank you.

  3. I will try to be a blessing, not a curse and only allow good things to flow out of me, starting in my home with Gods help. Thanks for the devotion today.

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