My Heart Breaks As I Watch My Dog….

Who is sad and lonely.

All because man sinned.

It doesn’t seem fair that my dog should have to suffer because his mate died.

It’s at these times I wish my dog could talk.

For I know he is sad, depressed, and lonely.  Yet I know he doesn’t like new people or dogs.

For I am debating getting another dog for him.

But that’s how I acquired him in the first place.

I bought him as a companion dog for my female.

Now she is gone…

He was supposed to die first.  Because I knew my female could handle being alone.

I don’t think he can.

We went to the vet two days ago…

In the end I think it’s clinical depression.

I think he’s finally realized she’s not coming back.

I see now how spouses decline quickly after the loss of the other.

Because I feel like my dog is indifferent to life.

He truly doesn’t care for it anymore.

He eats out of instinct.  He goes outside to do his business.  He greets me at the door.

His Expression Says It All…

But his heart is not in it.

And it breaks my heart…

For I feel it’s all my fault.

For he shouldn’t have to live without her.

And I know he doesn’t want to.

And I can’t do anything about it but pray that God lessens his broken heart.

For he is an animal.  One we, as humans, were supposed to care for in the Garden. Instead we ruined it with out own selfish desires.  And like Abram discovered when he went to Egypt without consulting God the consequences affected everyone around him.

Yet my dog doesn’t understand sin or why my precious Bay, his companion all his life, had to die.

And it angers me.

For I am helpless…

He cried in the middle of the night last night.

He stopped when I went to him and petted him.

Then I went back to bed.

And he immediately began crying again…

Why, God?  Why?