My Heart Breaks As I Watch My Dog….

Who is sad and lonely.

All because man sinned.

It doesn’t seem fair that my dog should have to suffer because his mate died.

It’s at these times I wish my dog could talk.

For I know he is sad, depressed, and lonely.  Yet I know he doesn’t like new people or dogs.

For I am debating getting another dog for him.

But that’s how I acquired him in the first place.

I bought him as a companion dog for my female.

Now she is gone…

He was supposed to die first.  Because I knew my female could handle being alone.

I don’t think he can.

We went to the vet two days ago…

In the end I think it’s clinical depression.

I think he’s finally realized she’s not coming back.

I see now how spouses decline quickly after the loss of the other.

Because I feel like my dog is indifferent to life.

He truly doesn’t care for it anymore.

He eats out of instinct.  He goes outside to do his business.  He greets me at the door.

His Expression Says It All…

But his heart is not in it.

And it breaks my heart…

For I feel it’s all my fault.

For he shouldn’t have to live without her.

And I know he doesn’t want to.

And I can’t do anything about it but pray that God lessens his broken heart.

For he is an animal.  One we, as humans, were supposed to care for in the Garden. Instead we ruined it with out own selfish desires.  And like Abram discovered when he went to Egypt without consulting God the consequences affected everyone around him.

Yet my dog doesn’t understand sin or why my precious Bay, his companion all his life, had to die.

And it angers me.

For I am helpless…

He cried in the middle of the night last night.

He stopped when I went to him and petted him.

Then I went back to bed.

And he immediately began crying again…

Why, God?  Why?

11 thoughts on “My Heart Breaks As I Watch My Dog….

  1. My heart hurts for YOU. I know what it’s like losing a beloved pet, even when they’re sick I pray for them. God made them too! I will pray for you & your beloved dog. I only have cats, but
    pets are our family too, Be wonderful if you bring another wonderful one into his life.

    Feel hugged. Diane

  2. My daughter who studies dog behavior says the experts feel that you are projecting your sadness onto him. Dogs will grieve but you need to treat him the same way you used too. Don’t feel sorry for him. She says that Cesar Milan has done a few shows on this. Maybe you can find it. A new dog for him is not always the answer. We love our dogs here and my heart breaks for you both. I am praying for your family.

  3. I am so sorry. The effects of sin are far-reaching as are the consequences—all because of choices made in the Garden of Eden. It hurts! I really appreciate your blog and enjoy reading it. I also appreciate the honesty in which you write. Praying for you!! And as Diane said in the previous comment—feel hugged!

    1. Oh how sad, I can imagine your sorrow and your dogs. I have always had at least 2 dogs and we had one of our dog put down due to cancer. We are supporters of an animal no kill humane society in the town near us. My husbanc and I printed off some information on the dogs and went and visited them. Went back the next day and took another look and selected another female dog. We have gotten the last 5 dogs through some form of animal rescue.and they have turned out to be wonderful dogs. Give it some consideration. You could take the dog to meet your current dog at a city park, or neutral area.
      It is so difficult to see another dog suffering and I will pray for you and your dog.
      Good Bless

  4. breaks my heart reading this. Give some extra TLC and spend some extra quality time with him Also since loss is a natural thing, (like it or not) allow him to grieve. I think he just needs a bit more loving attention perhaps.

    I lost my son in 2003, my dad in 2007, My mom to suicide in 2008 (She could not live without my dad and shot herself in the head) and my best friend in 2010. From a human standpoint, I totally understand his grief.

    I wish I could hug him.

  5. He is a beautiful dog. Is he a Spanish Mastiff? I’ve never seen a brindle English but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist as I’m not that knowledgable about Mastiffs. You might have mentioned it before but my memory isn’t what it used to be. If he is, I get that he isn’t particularly friendly to outsiders and strange dogs which is misunderstood. There is a Facebook group for a woman out west who raises LGD for livestock that I think you would enjoy if you want to email me. There is a lot of information on there regarding her views on breeds of LGD (your dog and mine) and how to run them and so on. My own is a failed LGD but after reading her blog, I realized that many dump one young dog out there and expect them to do a job for which they have not been trained rather than introduced slowly to livestock and then, run them in good sized packs for safety because the real purpose is to scare off the predators. That would be another reason your dog would be sad as these are pack animals and not your garden variety, instincts bred out, house pet. Even if we have turned them into house pets, these LGD dogs are bred to run in packs, nocturnally stay alert and not hesitate to protect if necessary. I have so much more appreciation for my dog now since I’ve been reading her work even though my breed isn’t her primary focus although she started out with them. Her work deals with wolves and bears. I also get the rental issues from our military years. And financially. I really want a second dog friend for mine because she, too, is sad but it has to be the right fit…submissive male as she is an alpha female. We just can’t afford to add another large dog to the budget which makes me sad, too. I think they pick up on our sadness. Mine has been gloomy faced a lot lately.

  6. I was going to say “get another dog” but after reading what ‘LEE’ had to say, I am inclined to listen to her.
    Let ‘Bay’ sleep in peace, and treat this dog as if he is the only one that matters.
    I know what you are going through, I love my dog Jack like nothing else matters. We both get together just before I have my breakfast and pray to the Lord….every morning without fail. Then he sit’s down in front of me waiting for his tit-bits.
    I miss Jack all the time, though he is still with me. His time is due soon I know, and I know that when my time comes, Jack will be waiting for me at ‘the gate’. Then again, maybe I will be waiting for him!
    God bless you sister.

  7. I am so sorry to read your sorrow. Immediately, I want to jump in to help since I have lost several of my pets in the last couple of years (mostly of old age). What I noticed is similar to what Lee and Leslie already said. My other dogs reacted to my sadness and they mopped around until I put my grief aside and treated them upbeat and as I had always treated them.

    What I really appreciate about your post though is the thoughtfulness and the point that we are responsible for the suffering. Thank you so much for sharing this and for loving your dogs so much.

    Everything is possible with God,

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