my kitty in heaven

The Sucky Part of Pet Ownership

This morning our beautiful kitty passed away in my daughter’s arms. She was 16 and we had her for 7 years. She was adopted from the Humane Society when no one else wanted her or could take care of her. So we did.

Pets bring us such joy, yet so much sorrow when they have lived their years. We tell ourselves that they lived a good life — which they did. Yet, we don’t tell them that they are dying because of us — because we sinned in the Garden. It’s heartbreaking to think of the Garden and how everyone was disease free and then one mistake ends up in death as a penalty for all — even the innocents. We love them with every breath in our bodies, but that cannot save them from death.

I can’t pretend to understand God and His ways, but when it’s time to say good-bye to those you love, it’s a conflict of emotions.

I write this with my 17-year old cat on my lap. Her days are numbers as well (as are all of ours)…

“God, Will You Pet Bay for Me?”

My Precious Bay
My Precious Bay

I now pray this virtually every time I pray.

God, will you pet my dog for me?  She probably needs a pet.  She liked to be petted but unlike her brother never demanded it.  She’d sometimes bark at him when he was hogging all the love, but she never once refused a pet.

It’s been one month now since I lost my precious and not a day goes by I don’t think of her.  We all do.  We talk about her all the time.  We’ve all written songs about her and we play them frequently.  She sits in a special spot on our bookcase and we are in the process of making her a memorial with her pictures.

And I know your brother misses you so!

He’s bored without you.  Nothing to do.  And I pray he howls again since he hasn’t since you’ve left.

But he’s hanging in there.  Getting all the leftovers and all the love.  Gets both dog pillows too.  Something I’m sure you wouldn’t mind.

He goes where I go.  Even took him for a car ride when it was thundering out (since he’s afraid of the thunder).  He seemed happy although I think you were the only one who truly knew that or not.

We’re planning our hunting trip again.  I still look at that photo of both of you in the mountains from last year.  I think your brother will be happy when he goes.  Maybe he’ll get to drink some deer blood like last year!  Maybe he’ll get to chase an elk for me.  But I know he’ll get to smell all the smells only dogs are privileged to smell.

Still, it won’t be the same without you.  Trying to lay with us when it got too cold. Guarding the camp.

Simply being there when Mommy needed a pet.

Bay, I miss you.  So, so much.