This is Worse Than Writer’s Block

Ever have one of those days where everything you write is crappy?

That’s my day today.  Nothing sounds right.  Everything is repetitive.  No brilliant thoughts or analogies. Just plain and simple and to be frank, horrible, words strung together.  My 7 year old can write better than this sometimes.  Every word stinks worse than a skunk on a hot summer day.

I think I’d rather have writer’s block than these days because I get the sense I’m a failure.  I keep thinking, “This sucks!  Maybe I’m not meant to be a writer.  I should just quit now and forever hold my peace.”

Writer’s block is legitimate.  It’s where nothing comes to mind.  But it’s something you work through or just return later when the creative juices are flowing.

Bad writing is a sense you can never improve this stuff so why bother.  The only solution is to stop and come back later.  But I always wonder, “Will it get better later or can you improve something that is just bad?”

There are bad writers out there and these days I list myself amongst them.  I just pray I’m a good writer tomorrow.