When I trust I can be strong
Courageous, not afraid
At times easier said than done
That is when I need to pray

You provided every time
When finances were not there
I keep asking for a sign
You keep proving that you care

When tragedy struck my life
And I thought that You were gone
I felt completely paralyzed–

You were with me all along

After so many times
When I thought there was no way
You were there, but I was blind
Why do I still hesitate?

No matter what I face in life
Whatever I go through
Trusting You I can survive
Surrendering to You

How can I not trust You, Lord
You are always there for me
I trust in your unfailing love
That is enough

I am at peace


Lissette Trahan


Everyday I find more reasons to trust Him.
He has proven to me that I can trust Him in
every circumstance of my life. I have tried
trusting in myself and it always ends in

One of the best examples that I read in the
Bible is of David. He had to trust God to
stay alive. The Lord always came to his aid.

I am finding out in my life that the more
I trust the more I am able to trust.

His Word tells me that though I may stumble.
I will not fall. He will uphold me with his hand.
I have experienced His presence and comfort
in the hardest moments of my life.

But I can also say that trusting in those
moments is not always easy.

I am learning to put God first in my life.
I have learned when I do that I am not alone.
Whatever I face in life as I turn to Him,
He is there. The Holy Spirit comforts me
and guides me.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he
will make straight your paths

Closer Than You Think


There are days that can be hard
Aches and pains don’t let me start,
That is when I hear you say
“I’m closer than you think”

Such distraction with a prayer
Lord, Your presence is not there,
That is when I hear You say
“I’m closer than your think”

When I’m feeling so cast down
Lord, I feel I can’t go on,
That is when I hear You say
“I’m closer than you think”

When my life has gone all wrong
Lord, I’m feeling all alone,
That is when I hear You say
“I’m closer than you think”

I have learned to meditate
It is all about Your grace,
Then, I can hear You say,
“That, my child, is what it takes”


Lissette Trahan


There are mornings when I wake up depressed
My life doesn’t seem to have a reason.
It is the same old, same old.

I go through the daily motions, brush my
teeth, get dressed, get my coffee.

Then I take a peek outside. The sun is shining,
birds are singing, I am alive.

I turn my thoughts to God and my mood
lightens with gratitude. He is always there
waiting for us to think about Him, to talk to

Never making us feel guilty, just waiting,
knowing that He can meet our every need.

He is closer than you think

Matthew 28:20
“Behold, I am with you always,
even to the end of the age.”