Closer Than You Think


There are days that can be hard
Aches and pains don’t let me start,
That is when I hear you say
“I’m closer than you think”

Such distraction with a prayer
Lord, Your presence is not there,
That is when I hear You say
“I’m closer than your think”

When I’m feeling so cast down
Lord, I feel I can’t go on,
That is when I hear You say
“I’m closer than you think”

When my life has gone all wrong
Lord, I’m feeling all alone,
That is when I hear You say
“I’m closer than you think”

I have learned to meditate
It is all about Your grace,
Then, I can hear You say,
“That, my child, is what it takes”


Lissette Trahan


There are mornings when I wake up depressed
My life doesn’t seem to have a reason.
It is the same old, same old.

I go through the daily motions, brush my
teeth, get dressed, get my coffee.

Then I take a peek outside. The sun is shining,
birds are singing, I am alive.

I turn my thoughts to God and my mood
lightens with gratitude. He is always there
waiting for us to think about Him, to talk to

Never making us feel guilty, just waiting,
knowing that He can meet our every need.

He is closer than you think

Matthew 28:20
“Behold, I am with you always,
even to the end of the age.”



I hunger, O Lord, for more of you
You gave me a taste of what You can do
Now why does it feel like You withdrew
Your promises tell me that is not true

The more You reveal Yourself to me
The more I want, the more I need
I am never satisfied, I am never appeased
A life without You, I cannot breathe

Forgive me, O Lord, I am so blind
You’ve shown me Your love again and again
I know You are there, it depends on me
Your Word clearly says “I am with you always”

Why would I think that You are gone
You have been with me all life-long

As I look at the beauty of each day
I see Your presence in display

Lissette Trahan

Commentary by Ken Cayce
The greatest gift that we could ever receive is the gift of
eternal life with Jesus. To know we would be separated
from Him for eternity would be more hell than I could bear.
The only life worth living is with Him.


I have found out going through life that if I am
not hungry or thirsty for God there is something
wrong with me spiritually.

Hungering for God is that desire that we have
when we want to get closer to Him, know Him
more, have a closer relationship with Him.

But I find I am never satisfied. The more I long
for Him, the more I yearn for Him, the more I
want. It is like an insatiable thirst.

When I read the Psalms, I see how David had that
same yearning and longing. Forever crying out
to God.

God called him “A man after my own heart”.

Hungering, yearning, longing brings action.
God brings joy and contentment but leaves me
wanting more.

Psalm 63:1-3
You are my God, earnestly I seek you;
I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you,
in a dry and parched land where there is no water.
I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your
power and glory. Because your love is better than
life, my lips will glorify you.




Your Word talks about a peace
A peace that passeth understanding
It seems like such a mystery
All of life is so demanding

I had been seeking every day
I was about to give up hope
But first I stopped and had to pray
“Lord, are You there? I cannot cope”

My heart leaped surprising me
It happened so unexpectedly

That was the day I felt that peace
That was the day I felt that joy
Your love became so real to me
Nothing that this life could destroy

All I can say on this long journey
Peace doesn’t come so easily
But You have been right there with me
That peace no more a mystery

The “peace of God, which passeth understanding”
Phil 4:7


Lissette Trahan


God I am so sorry
I have offended thee
It’s always the same story
These sins that beset me

I cry out so sincerely
Confess and promise You
These sins I lay before thee
Again I’ll never do

Then comes a bright new morning
I praise and worship You
My sins have been forgiven
I’ll start my life anew

So here I am this eve-ning
What did I do today?
I thoroughly examine
What did I have to say?

Alas, the same old story
I have offended Thee
I come again so humbly
Knowing You will hear me

As I kneel down before you
I realize gratefully
Your promises to me
Are not like mine to Thee.


Lissette Trahan

The Truth


I will never forget that day
So unexpectedly
You introduced Yourself to me
And said “I am the Way”

I never saw or felt you
But I knew that You were there
What joy, what love enveloped me
I knew then that you cared

I had been blind, You gave me sight
I wish I could explain
The only thing I know for sure
Is that I’m not the same

So great a love, How can it be
I asked the question, Lord why me?
His words pierced through me like a knife
“I died that I could give you life”

O God My Lord, I worship you
Is there now something I can do?
Go tell the world what I told you
“I am the Way, the Life, the Truth”


Lissette Trahan