Did you hear me???!!!

You HAVE to read this book!  I feel like I’m re-living the Isaiah study through the eyes of a child.

Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo tells the true story of a 3 1/2 year old kid who says he went to heaven when he almost died in emergency apendectomy surgery.  There is so many life lessons in here I’m not for sure I can summarize it all here but I’ll try.

Lesson #1:  Always trust your gut and get second opinions when it comes to doctors.

The home town doctor of the Burpos told them their son didn’t have appendicitis, which is ultimately what he did have.  His appendix poisoned his body for 5 days before the Burpos sought out a second opinion as they watched their son deteriorate before their eyes.

Lesson #2:  God does answer prayers.

Colton, the son, says Jesus sent him back specifically in answer to his father’s prayers.  Powerful stuff!

Lesson #3:  God gives gifts to be used for His kingdom.

P. 64 Quote:  “We’d been given a gift and our job now was to unwrap it…and see what’s inside.”

We all have gifts to which it is our RESPONSIBILITY to use for His kingdom.

Lesson #4:  Our relatives and pets are in heaven, waiting for us eagerly to be with them.

Colton tells the heart-wrenching story of meeting his unborn sister whom his mother had miscarried. These people are in God’s hands and will be there to hug us when we arrive.

Lesson #5:  The Holy Spirit “shoots down power” for us.  P.126

I liked this one.  To know God gives me strength and energy to make it.

This story is heart-wrenching yet the good that comes out of the bad is extraordinary.  I can guarantee you this child will never doubt the existence of God even as life takes it toll when he ages.

What I like about this story is Colton confirms everything in the Bible.  As humans, we always questions things we can’t see.  The Bible is all about faith, especially in terms of the prophecies and the future.  Colton speaks about such things and the accuracy is amazing.

God gives us these stories to encourage us in our walk with Him. Colton encourages his family and all those who read his story. The End Time stories Colton tells from the book of Revelation are elegant.  God wins in the end and therefore we win.

I can see Colton in my kids.  My kids’ faith is very strong.  They believe and love Jesus with all their hearts, minds, and souls. They never doubt.  I want the child-like faith in Jesus.

Quick read.  Great, uplifting book.  Sure to have you shouting at the end, “Yeah, God!”