Did you hear me???!!!

You HAVE to read this book!  I feel like I’m re-living the Isaiah study through the eyes of a child.

Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo tells the true story of a 3 1/2 year old kid who says he went to heaven when he almost died in emergency apendectomy surgery.  There is so many life lessons in here I’m not for sure I can summarize it all here but I’ll try.

Lesson #1:  Always trust your gut and get second opinions when it comes to doctors.

The home town doctor of the Burpos told them their son didn’t have appendicitis, which is ultimately what he did have.  His appendix poisoned his body for 5 days before the Burpos sought out a second opinion as they watched their son deteriorate before their eyes.

Lesson #2:  God does answer prayers.

Colton, the son, says Jesus sent him back specifically in answer to his father’s prayers.  Powerful stuff!

Lesson #3:  God gives gifts to be used for His kingdom.

P. 64 Quote:  “We’d been given a gift and our job now was to unwrap it…and see what’s inside.”

We all have gifts to which it is our RESPONSIBILITY to use for His kingdom.

Lesson #4:  Our relatives and pets are in heaven, waiting for us eagerly to be with them.

Colton tells the heart-wrenching story of meeting his unborn sister whom his mother had miscarried. These people are in God’s hands and will be there to hug us when we arrive.

Lesson #5:  The Holy Spirit “shoots down power” for us.  P.126

I liked this one.  To know God gives me strength and energy to make it.

This story is heart-wrenching yet the good that comes out of the bad is extraordinary.  I can guarantee you this child will never doubt the existence of God even as life takes it toll when he ages.

What I like about this story is Colton confirms everything in the Bible.  As humans, we always questions things we can’t see.  The Bible is all about faith, especially in terms of the prophecies and the future.  Colton speaks about such things and the accuracy is amazing.

God gives us these stories to encourage us in our walk with Him. Colton encourages his family and all those who read his story. The End Time stories Colton tells from the book of Revelation are elegant.  God wins in the end and therefore we win.

I can see Colton in my kids.  My kids’ faith is very strong.  They believe and love Jesus with all their hearts, minds, and souls. They never doubt.  I want the child-like faith in Jesus.

Quick read.  Great, uplifting book.  Sure to have you shouting at the end, “Yeah, God!”

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  1. my sister read it and felt the same way as you did. I am going to get the book. Amazing

  2. Mornin’ from (YEAAAHH! at least for the moment)…sunny Chicago. :)…

    and Happy Mother’s Day!

    It’s early in the morning and I have about a million things to “do” before everyone comes for dinner later, but I wanted to wish you a great day…

    and Thank You for your recommendation of the book. I’ve been kind of on the fence about reading this book because I read Piper’s book (90 Minutes in Heaven) and for as wildly popular as that book is, something in it troubled me. I can’t explain it any better than that….

    though…when he came to speak at our church…I liked that MUCH better than the book. But,that’s me.

    And as someone who really loves being with wee ones, and has spent a lot of time around them, I have a trust in them. I know kids can lie, and misunderstand and imagine…but I’ve found a great deal of simplicity, truth and inspiration in them. When I’m with a wee one…many times I just feel Jesus in them. They extend grace so easily.

    This weekend at our church Liz Curtis Higgs was the speaker/preacher 🙂 ( this weekend. She’s a writer and speaker..and a FBG (former bad girl) and very funny but deep. She jokes that she is not (deep) but she is, just not in a consistently serious way. She used to be a rock disc jockey and worked afternoons right after shock-jock Howard Stern (whom she says was the wildest on air, but the straight one off air.).

    She has a bunch of books that she’s written, I’ve never read them, have you? Like Bad Girls of the Bible? She also wrote some children’s books and they’re listed on her site. I’m going to see if I can get them through the library. (Praise God for libraries!) I mention her to you because if you ever get to hear her speak she’s worth going to hear.

    Right now, I’m reading Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. Have you read that? I’m only 65 pages in and I’ve underlined a lot. I have the “gift copy”, which has 52 devotions after. So far I’m really liking this “marriage” book more than many others I’ve read. I loved the marriage book Marriage Miracle by Bob and Cheryl Moeller. But few people seem to know about it. Why I don’t know, but it’s certainly not as popular as Love and Respect, etc.

    Anyway, I mention them because I know you love to read and those books may not be your cup of tea but so far I’m really liking Sacred Marriage too.

    My daughter keeps saying I should get a Kindle (like you just have an extra 115 dollars in your checking account sitting there for you to spend..ah, youth)…but I’m not sure if I’d like one or not because there’s something about having a book in your hand and more importantly sharing it.

    I need to stop rambling. Sorry, Atoz, no coffee or shower yet so I’m kind of sleep writing, but your children are blessed to have a you as their mama. I hope you have a day to enjoy and are loved well by your hubby and children. 🙂

    Many hugs (and I will read the book!),

    1. Hey Nancy!

      Great to hear from you (as always!). Happy Mother’s Day!

      I haven’t read any of those books but thanks for the recommendations. I’ll check into them from the library as well. I like print books too. I’m a compulsive underliner and have a hard time reading library books because of it. I bought Heaven is For Real at Sam’s Club. My MIL recommended it, promised to give it to me, never did, so I couldn’t wait any longer. I’m glad I didn’t!

      Take care and will write more when church isn’t fast encroaching!

      Luv and hugs!

  3. I plan on reading this book. Some of the women in our church did this as a Bible study a few weeks back and now you are posting such great reviews! I am getting it!!! Thank you whoever you are!

  4. I’ve just started getting your emails and am enjoying them a lot.

    I just read the book and loved it and the simplistic faith Colton has. But, what did you think about everyone having wings in heaven? I like knowing the angels are there keeping Satan out, don’t you? And one of my favorite parts was Colton saying God “shoots power down” to us….wonderful.

    While reading the book, I didn’t think about how it interacted with Isaiah…guess I need to read through it again.

    1. Hey Jonnie!

      BSF Lesson 29 shot to mind while reading this because we read all of the passages in Revelation that Todd quotes. If you read this book before Lesson 29, you probably would have missed it (I know I would have!).

      I LOVED the wings part and hope mine are big and beautiful and green (my favorite color). I too loved the swords. It makes sense. The Devil is everywhere in our lives, trying to take us down so why not the Devil trying to take Heaven, God, and all the angels down as well?

      It reminds me of The Last Judgment by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. There’s another painting I’m picturing but can’t remember who painted it. It’s got an overarching heaven and the devil and the bad guys being cast out of heaven. It seems like it’s at the Vatican but I can’t remember and it’s bugging me!

      Great stuff!

  5. I found these things to be true for me as well! The book was factual, gave comfort and assurance! God is so Very Good to give us these glimpses through a child!

    I am in BSF in NC and have found great peace and comfort through the study of Isaiah. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do such an indepth study.

    Thank You for your writings! God Bless. Happy Mother’s Day.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to you all. I have read Heaven is For Real and Ninty Minutes in Heaven. I would also like to recommend another one that is similar to Heaven is For Real. It is called The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven. It is written by a father and son team as well. It is written by Kevin and Alex Malarkey. Alex was in a coma for 3 months and he them tells his family about his time in Heaven. I think all three books are good but I am like the other poster that likes the ones by children because they believe so easily and share with others their belief.

    Today at a wonderful Mother’s Day buffet my 9 year old grandson told me that he can’t wait to get to heaven so he can eat eaverything he wants and not get full. He has a very touchy stomach and so he added and he could eat it all and never throw up again. 🙂

    I also agree with the poster about Liz Curtis Higgs. I have never had the pleasure of seeing her in person but I do have a DVD of one of her speeches and it is wonderful. I would go see her in a heartbeat.

    Again Happy Mother’s Day to all of you soon to be moms, mothers, grandmothers, and all of the other wonderful women that have influenced our lives and shown us the way to the one and only true God.


  7. I have to agree!!! It’s a great book – and like this family we learned that a second medical opinion is so important!!!!

  8. I have this book and have read it. It is a marvelous account of how works in our lives.

  9. Hi I have been following your blog for quite some time and I am very grateful for your heartfelt contributions in the study of Isaiah.I came across an article about a certain girl’s testimony about Heaven and Hell and it disturbs me greatly cos many people believes what she said is true,I have my doubt,would appreciate you could read up her comments and youtube videos and provide your views about it,I respect your opinions greatly.Thanks!

    1. Hey Bev,

      I have redacted the girl’s name as I don’t want hits on my blog because of it. I briefly looked into it. Didn’t seem legit to me but I only spent 2 minutes on it (all the time I got right now). I like Heaven is Real because it backs up the Bible. This girl’s comments don’t.

  10. Hello from a Sunny South – Africa

    God is powerful…

    He used this amazing little 4 year old kid, to spread the word of heaven, all around the world, I live in a small town, population 100, and the book touched the soul of a lot of people in our society.
    If I may share my experience with you, for I am a 22 year old student, and in this year I wasn’t given the choice to grow up, I felt like I was forced. I saw first handedly the cruelty of cancer, the metamorphoses it spreads over the human body, I saw a live pass in front of me, a mother fighting cancer for seven years, seven years of chemo, operations, and pain, all for the love she had for her children the wanting to raise her four daughters and to see them bloom into flowers. As she passed away on August 25, I felt a relief, for her pain was now just a memory, she was with God now.
    Still in my heart I felt uneasiness with Jesus, why when we prayed so hard couldn’t he heal her, why did he have to take a mother of 4 at so young age in her life, I felt the pain of my best friend and still do with every day she misses her mother more, I wanted to help but it was out of my control.
    I remember Frieda the youngest asked me one time “Jolandi do you think my mom can see me, do you think she will remember me”? for me that was a tough question for I did not have the answer, until I read this book, it gave me security, and peace, and for that I would like to thank the Burpo family, but most of all I give praise to God for still answering my prayers even when I was not praying.

    We are truly blessed to be the children of God

    With all of my love
    Your sister


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