Miss Rumphius

Alice (or Miss Rumphius) wants to do two things when she grows up:  go to faraway places and live beside the sea.  Her grandfather adds one more:   she “must do something to make the world more beautiful.”  She agrees, not knowing what that could be.

She accomplishes both the first two but is puzzled by the last one.  Then she has an idea.  She decides to plant lupines all along her town to make her town more beautiful.  Now known as the Lupine Lady, she tells her niece the same thing her grandfather told her.  Her niece agrees but is unsure as well what that may be.

I like this book because it emphasizes doing things for others and the outside world as part of living.  Also, it shows how it’s okay not to know what that “thing to make the world more beautiful” may be.  Miss Rumphius comes across the idea one day as she sees a patch of lupines and wants to see more.  It shows how if you look around for an opportunity, it will present itself and you don’t have to strive and push to find such a thing.  I further like how the message is passed on from one generation to the next–a great reminder of how the world is improved.

Miss Rumphius is also retired when she discovers how to make the world more beautiful.  It is simple and easy.  A great message that we can always do something no matter our age, circumstances, or difficulty level.  Also, it is the little things that can make a big difference.

Miss Rumphius is now known as the Lupine Lady by the neighborhood children and she passes her days telling stories and telling others to “do something to make the world more beautiful.”

Miss Rumphius is written and illustrated by Barbara Cooney.


As I mention in my About page, I’m a writer.  I’ve written a non-fiction book on parenting and pregnancy that I used to sell on my own website.  However, no one was buying it so the cost began to outweigh the financial gains so I took the site down.  Furthermore, my passion moved elsewhere.

Then, at the beginning of this year, I finished my first novel about football.  I tried for months to garner the attention of a literary agent so I scratched that idea and it sits on the back burner.

Currently, I’m writing a young adult novel.  This one is different than the other two.  First, I’m almost done with it.  I feel that my passion for this work is infinitely more than my previous two.  This means I’ve written the book in about a month.  I spend every waking spare moment on it and I feel it only gets better and better.  Second, this is the hardest book for me to write as it deals with issues from my past that I don’t think I have thoroughly dealt with.

Finally, I believe this one is the One God has intended for my life in order to help the most people.  The first one was just to prove I could do it.  The second one was to prove to myself that I could indeed create vivid worlds and live in them.  Thus, this one has the most meaning, the most depth, the most provocative, and the most potential helpful of all three so far.

I am so ready–so ready to see my countless hours come to fruition in the written word–hopefully something that will make meaningful impacts in people’s lives.

I once read where Stephenie Meyer, author of the insanely-successful Twilight series (which I would highly recommend) once said that she wrote these books for herself.  This truly resonated with me as I feel my planned series will be for me as well.  This book (and future ones in the series) is what makes my heart sing.  I can only pray that God guides me as I write so the words I choose impacts the most people.

I’d love to hear from other authors and their journeys through novel-writing land.