Pithy Prayer June 19th, 2018

Image result for morning sunriseThank you, Father, that my life and my future are in your hands. Forgive me for the times that my plans are too full of myself and not consciously dependent upon you. Thank you for rescuing me from the messes I have made because of my failed plans built around my own foolish arrogance. I gladly place my life, and my future in submission to your will and plans.

Forgive me dear God, for letting my passion for your Kingdom and your character get push to the side. Awaken me each morning with a sense of passion for your work and your will for that day.  Father, I want to be a passionate seeker.  Please make me restless for your Kingdom as my home.

It amazes me, Heavenly Father, that you let me approach you, the Almighty and Holy God. I am humbled by your promise to be at work in my life. Forgive me for the times that I have been so full of myself that I have not acknowledged your presence and grace. Make me more aware of your providential care and your daily presence in me through your Spirit. Open my eyes and heart, dear Lord, that I may know you more fully.


Why I DON’T Want a Writing “Job”

My mother-in-law mentioned to me last night that Craigslist has tons of blog writer positions or copywriter or writer in general and I should look into those.  Immediately, without thinking, I said, “I don’t want to write for other people.  I want to write what I want to write, not what others tell me to write.”

I started mulling this over this morning.  I searched Craigslist and everything sounded about as exciting as a 8:00 AM Economics lecture.  Then I thought about my answer last night and seconded it.

I don’t want to write for others.  I write for myself and what my heart (and I believe God) tells me to write about.  I don’t want to have to do research on some mind-numbing topic and turn in a report about it.  Lord knows I did enough of that in college to last me a life time.  I don’t want to blog for others when I can blog about whatever I want to.

Call this selfish or whatever but to me, this is what makes writing fun and if writing is not fun for me, I won’t do it.  I’m old enough in life to realize I’m through doing monotonous stuff if I don’t have to.  Praise God I don’t have to write for a living.  My husband does all of that.

I also mentioned to my mother-in-law that I write books for me and I am going to try my hardest to get published.  But if I don’t succeed, if God doesn’t will it, I will still keep on doing it.

This is passion.  This is where I stand.

Getting Back to Your Passion

It’s time to get back to my passion.  I once read in order to succeed at your dream you must devote 2 hours to it everyday.  I try to do that but right now I’m just not motivated to much in fact.  I’m finding it hard to eat, to cook, and to focus on my writing.  It’s hard to find the motivation when you can’t see the end game–and at this point I doubt if I ever will get published.

How do you get motivated when your work seems fruitless?

Finding Your Passion in Life

I’m lucky:  I know what my passion is in life–writing.  I think a lot of people are struggling to find their God-given purpose in this world and one of these is my husband.

He has never discovered what it is yet he wants to do with the rest of his life.  He knows what he’s good at and what he likes (customer service, helping people, years of work in the landscaping and construction business, etc) but he’s never put these together to discover his niche in life.  Not that I’m faulting him for this:  I just happened to fall into my passion and even if I never make a dime (which so far, I’ve lost more than I’ve made), I will continue to write since it makes my heart sing.

I believe if more and more people discovered their passion, this world would be a happier place.  Instead of being depressed cause you get laid off, you’d be happy because you are doing what you love and believe in it.

I wish I could help my husband find his purpose but this is a journey you must enter for yourself.  I can’t tell someone what makes their heart sing.  I would suggest praying about it and asking God what it is He wants you to do and then keep trying!  Never give up until you find that special something that only you can do in this world.  It will give your life meaning, you will feel better about yourself, and hopefully you will avoid some of the ups and downs of this world by being at the whims of others.