I Have a Serious Writing Problem…

I was working on my query letter this morning, tinkering with the wording because I have it almost where I want it when I was struck by a thought:  this query letter is better than my book!  I’d better make my book just as good!

So, I began tinkering on my novel again….my finished novel–at least what I had previously thought was finished.

I have had this problem with all of my work.  It’s never finished. I’m constantly tinkering and it drives me up the wall!

I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem.  Just now, I was tinkering some more (well, since I had already started, why stop now?).

I can’t stop myself.  I tell myself I’m done.  Then I’m at it again.

So, I’m wondering:  Is a novel ever finished?  And when?  When it’s in print and you can’t make any more changes?  This I see as my scenario.

Any comments would be most welcome (especially ones saying I’m not crazy!).

Without Marketing, Few Products Get Off the Ground

I read this recently and I’m trying to apply it to my book.  I know the query letter is your marketing/sales pitch and maybe I’m just not good at sales (ok, so I know I’m horrible at sales) but I am good at writing.  I know my story is good.  So, why can’t I sell my idea?

If this book was meant to be, then I firmly believe God will make it happen (like He makes everything happen).  I try not to stress over it or let the rejects discourage me.  It’s just hard when you invest so much of yourself into a project personally to see it shot down at every turn.

But perseverance will hopefully prevail and I’m just going to keep at it.  Any encouraging words would be appreciated.

Excitement, Once Again, Reigns

Well, I’ve re-vamped my query letter to make it shorter and much more compelling.  I’ve cut 10,000 word from my novel (the part that I thought didn’t flow very well at all from the very beginning) and now, I believe, my novel is the best I can make it.  Now, whether a professional editor can make it better remains to be seen.  However, I am extremely excited about this development and can’t wait to polish things up and get back on track.

I hope and pray this is it–this is the one after so much hard work put in that will finally garner some attention.  If there is a God in heaven, then this will succeed.