The Anatomy of Rejection

I touched on this briefly last post.  It’s not that I get my feelings hurt when I receive a reject on my labor of love (my novel).

It’s this:  I want something so bad and I hold so many expectations and hopes that when I do get rejected, it’s not personal or a reflection of me.  It doesn’t hurt my ego or anything.  It’s a deflation of my dreams and expectations and the knowledge that there is still plenty of work to do.  It also is a lesson in patience (not my strong point by any means).  I have to wait longer to see my book in print, to see my dreams materialize, to hold my work in my hands and watch others enjoy what I’ve created.

I want it now is what it comes down to and a rejection signals, “Nope, not now but later.”

I know that my novel is good.  I know in my heart it is God’s work and it is meant to be shared to help others cope in this world.  I know that.  It’s just frustrating when I can’t seem to get that across to others.

No one said this was easy or life was easy.  What fun would that be?

I pray I get an agent soon.  I pray I get a publisher soon.  I pray my husband gets a job soon.  I pray we move to where I want to live and not to some hole-in-the-earth place where a job happens to be.  I pray my kids get accepted to schools where I can feel comfortable sending them to, where I won’t have to homeschool them the rest of their lives, where they can have friends and the whole school experience.  I pray these burdens on my heart are lifted.

I miss my old town.  I miss my old church.  I miss my friends.  My kids miss their friends.  Hell, I even miss my old house.

Do the trials of life ever end?

The Resilience of the Human Psyche

It’s amazing the resilience of the human psyche, isn’t it?  One moment, you’re down.  The next your back in the game.

I keep getting reject after reject for my queries so what do I do?  I keep editing my query letter, editing my novel, and researching agents and mailing off more queries.  Yeah, I get down when a reject lands in my inbox.  But I’m learning to think, “That agent is just not for me.”

As I research and research literary agents, there are HUNDREDS out there!  I didn’t realize there were that many!  Out of these hundreds, one has to love my work, right?  Or does it just suck?

Sure, there are good agents and bad and one must be careful.  But with research and guidance from God, I’ll find one, I’m sure.

This is my third work so surely I have it down by now, right?

I’d love to hear how you cope with rejects.