Bible Study Plans: The Top 5 Advantages of Group Bible Study

Bible study groups can be very fun as well as informative. You meet in your small group Bible study, catch up on life’s events, and then study the Bible and learn the Bible from others. In this blog post in our continuing series of how to study the Bible, I’ll discuss the advantages to group bible study. Read more on AtoZMomm’s blog today!


  1. Accountability. Many of us struggle to actually make time to do our Bible study. When you join a group Bible study, you will be held accountable for actually reading the Bible. And when you skip out on your group Bible study, you will be missed. What you learn is valuable to the group, so don’t take that for granted.
  2. Community. Many of us struggle to maintain good quality friendships. When you join a group bible study, such as a women’s Bible study, a men’s Bible study, or a small group Bible study, you will form connections with other Christians that will only enhance your life and your spiritual life. You’ll be able to share what’s on your heart, what you’re struggling with, and the wins in your life with others who will pray for you along the way. Now that’s powerful.
  3. Encouragement. Satan and sin are of this world, and we can become dragged down in the muck of it all. When you join a Bible study group, you’ll be encouraged by others, and your life will be enriched because of it. Furthermore, you’ll have an opportunity to encourage others, blessing others lives’ in return.
  4. Learning. The fact of the matter is you’ll learn more in a small group Bible study than you will on your own. You’ll see the Bible passage you are studying in a different light, and you’ll be challenged on what you believe, fostering more in-depth Bible study on your part which you never would have done on your own.
  5. Inspiration. We all know our mission in life is to be more like Jesus, but in the daily mill of life, how many of us consciously strive for this? In a small group Bible study, you’ll be inspired by others’ journey with Christ to grow, learn, and develop into a better person.

“that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” Romans 1:12

Christians are called for community, and group Bible study not only affords community, but it also offers you an enriched life through Christ. Contact me for questions!