This Happens Every May…

God takes me down to remind me my place in this world.

I’m sick.  My throat hurts.  My voice is almost gone.  I have a runny nose and feel all around absolutely miserable.  I can’t sleep. I’m cold.

On Wednesday, our music teacher told me I looked really tired. I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks now I need to take a break, not work out for a week, not set my alarm for a week but I haven’t.

So God does what I won’t do.

Since August, I’ve been faithfully working out 2-3 times a week, doing BSF every day, working on my novel, and doing all the kids stuff (school, activities, etc).  And getting up early every day in order to accomplish such personal goals.  Not to mention running a household and keeping the dogs alive and my husband happy.

BSF is finally over.  My final edit which took two months instead of two weeks is finally done.  I’m on the verge of being done researching homeschool curriculum.  School is almost over.

Obviously, I need a break.  NOW.

As usual, God has to hit me over the head in order to do it.

He got my attention.  I’m listening…

7 thoughts on “This Happens Every May…

  1. Thank you for your posts. I just found you about a month ago and have really enjoyed finishing out this BSF year with you. Thank you for the reading recommendations. I intend to get the Dragon’s Coo and The Fourth Question for my grandchildren.
    Get well soon.

  2. Hi and big hugs Atoz…although I’m not sure if you’re a hugger when your sick. I know I’m not. Maybe more you’d like a big bowl of chicken soup that someone else made and cleaned up after. 🙂

    I started typing this and then it disappeared…so I’m not sure if I deleted it by accident but if you get two you know why.

    I know you don’t need motherly advice, but hey, that’s what us old people do well. Uh, you said that God hit you with a 2×4 to rest…and you are listening…my question is…are you really? *said gently*

    I know everyone gets colds. But take it from someone who’s seen enough in this lifetime…a body can only take so much and it gives out…big time. Ask anyone who ended up with autoimmune diseases. Look at the list…and while you are doing research (I know you can’t help it, I can’t either) :-)….Check out burning out our adrenal glands (my personal favorite consequence of ignoring 2×4) too.

    I know we all say, “Take care of yourself, you can’t help anyone if you get sick.”…but none of us listen…well, except the smart ones.

    I used to really struggle with the concept of “rest”…I mean, what was I supposed to do lay down and eat bon-bon’s? Kids get sick, Critters have to be fed and watered, Someone’s got to cook and wash dishes.

    Then I heard about a commandment that I pretty much ignored most of my life. About keeping the Sabbath. But I struggled with that too. I mean we all hear about these Sunday family dinners. Well, who cooks and cleans up after them?

    As you can tell, I was pretty defensive when the Holy Spirit would nudge me. Even 2×4’s really didn’t get me for that long. I mean I’d SAY, “That’s what I get for not listening, so God had to knock me upside the head with a 2×4 so I’d rest,” but…as soon as I felt better…pretty much I’d be off running again.

    Maybe you’re smarter, but I’ll share anyway…Don’t ignore God’s 2×4’s. Trust me.

    I couldn’t figure it out. Was I supposed to rest or be industrious? What about that woman in Proverbs who’s up before everyone, selling real estate and making clothes. I don’t do any of those things…well…except getting up before everyone and that’s only because I can’t think in whole sentences once everyone’s up. I call it Pink ADD. (Pink for female..and all the needs of kids, house and husband that need attention).

    I used to think…what’s a woman to do? I’m not Proverbs woman. That I know. What’s the balance here?

    One day, out of the clear blue I was reading a Beverly Lewis book. This was back in the days before my beautiful grandchild was born and I actually got to read before I went to bed. But I digress. So I’m innocently reading and it’s like this feeling wells up inside me, “There’s your answer.”

    I was paying attention to the story…which weaves in the Amish lifestyle in the storytelling. I knew immediately (for me) what God meant. It wasn’t that he was telling me to be Amish…but to look at their priorities.

    These people work hard but they get their rest. They spend time with God and help other people. They live simply.

    I know we hear a great deal about simplicity and setting priorities now. It’s kind of become “in vogue”…but it’s not so easy.

    Someone once said (and I can’t remember who) that God gives everyone 24 hours and there’s enough time in every day to do what God wants you to do…with margins and rest. Margins mean that we have some wiggle room in our time to hear from God and change the plan…call a friend who needs it, make love to a husband that comes home when the baby’s napping :-)…you know…the unexpected God sends our way.

    The continuation of that that thought was…if your tired…then you’re not within God’s grace…because if you are doing what God wants you to do, he gives you the strength to do it.

    Ever been through a season of life where you don’t know how you got through it but you did? I remember when I had my hands full with my own children and my mother was ill and moved in with us. She had dementia, needed daily dialysis etc…plus I had two very rebellious teenagers, a house, pets, and husband.
    Same 24 hours as today, but I look at what I did then and did I function? God’s grace. He gave me what I didn’t have naturally. But I wasn’t perfect either.

    So…the big “my story” confessional here is to just ask you to consider…this “God 2×4” you’re experiencing. What IS God telling you?

    I only tell you my experiences, Atoz, not to give you what you should be, but to let you know my own struggles. Listening for God daily is a challenge. Simplicity is a challenge. Priorities are a challenge. We have our plans. God has his.

    God designed our bodies. He made them so they need rest. He could have made us so we never sleep and “get more done” for him if he wanted, right? But he didn’t. God expects us to get the rest we need, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. He expects us to go to him for what our limits are. What do we say yes to and what do we say no to?

    A pastor’s 24 hours are different than mine. My husband’s 24 hours are different than mine. It comes down to you and God.

    I hope you feel better, Atoz. It sounds miserable. Just don’t ignore the way God made your body and it’s needs. It bites back.

    Love and hugs,

    1. Great advice, as always, Nancy. I feel better. Stick hacking up a lung now and then though.

      I get what your saying. But slowing down for me is always very hard. But it is amazing how there is always time to do the things you want. Like BSF. I did it when before I never did and it fit in nicely. But it did replace other stuff. One more week of school and I get a break (for a bit). Never long enough, you know.

      God bless, take care, and when I’m better I’ll send you hugs!!

  3. I have never left a comment before but wanted to say how much i enjoy your blog. I have 2 boys that are under 3 and am interested in homeschooling them. The idea of researching curriculum is daunting to me. Would you mind sharing your couple favorites and why? Thanks for all of the honesty and encouragement.

    1. Hey Louise,

      I intend to do a complete post once I’ve decided. It’s hard to explain in a few words and I want to do it justice so stay tuned!!!

  4. My theory is that God “brings us to our knees” to get our attention so that we can “look full in His face” – He is such an awesome God who wants our attention 24/7 not just a little time here and there.

    I have loved reading your comments for our Isaiah study this year–thanks for your faithfulness to BSF.

    May you have quick healing and get your strenght and energy back soon.

  5. no one is a machine or perfect person. we women come close but even we need to rest and re energize. never feel guilty for that. i have so enjoyed your posts. did you ever say when and where you are moving to? you have made BSF my best year ever thank you

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