7 thoughts on “Updates to BSF Online Study of Genesis 2020/2021

  1. I am so happy to hear that we WILL be having BSF. I am so looking forward to getting back into a structured Bible study. Evelyn

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  2. Am not a fan on on line BSF as there are currently many on line studies.  I want the interaction of personal contact with people that is what fellowship is all about.  Hope and pray we can once again attend the study in a church with live people. Loretta  Don’t seek out positions of prominence but exalt others instead. (Luke 14:1)

  3. Love this idea!! I am truly excited that we can continue our study with our delays due to CV ….looking forward to the details ~

    Gods Blessings to All,

    Marilyn Giardini

  4. I am so very happy for on line studies. I am compromised. I have had a liver transplant and as a result, my immune system is asleep. Rejection drugs keep your immune system asleep to keep my new liver safe. Therefore, during these times, I am confined to home. I am truly grateful for all the efforts BSF has gone through for people like me to continue in studying God’s Word.

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