Advice for Those New to Bible Study Fellowship or Are Struggling…

Hey all!

I just want to say I am so thankful you all are here to learn more about God’s word.  Your faithfulness will be rewarded both here on Earth and in Heaven.  You are making an impact because of your new knowledge!

I have heard from so many of you who are struggling so I want to offer up a suggestion:

If you are confused on what the Word is saying, try doing the kids’ lessons first.

Yep, I said it.  The kids’ lessons.

This is the first year my older kids are in the program.  I do my lesson during the week and usually on Sundays I sit down with my kids and we go over their lesson and do it (yes, I know.  They are supposed to do it daily but we do a daily Bible Study for homeschool so Sunday is our only day to hammer out BSF.  The point of daily questions is to be in the Word daily, which we all are).

So, the questions are basically adult questions but simplified.  It points out the main truths so the kids will get it.  Most are fill in the blank and multiple choice but it sure does make it easy to know what the point is!

Maybe if you are struggling with a particular day pull up the kids questions on that day and read them.  I guarantee you’ll get something out of it you probably missed.  I know I do.  I have an opportunity to study the passage AGAIN with my kids and I always get some nugget or clarification from their lesson.

Another tool available now to all via the Internet that I would utilize if I were new to the Word and struggling.

11 thoughts on “Advice for Those New to Bible Study Fellowship or Are Struggling…

  1. I have several kids in the program so I go over the questions in three different levels every week. I just wanted to give you a big AMEN on your post. Doing the children’s lessons with them has really been a blessing. I get so much more out of my adult lesson because of it. Another suggestion is that their is an optional family sheet available. I think the Preschool program has green and the Grade School program has gold. It is meant to be a discussion guide but it will help immensely because it is kind of like an overview of what is important in each lesson.

  2. This is a great suggestion that I will try the next time I get “stuck” on question!

    I would like to add another “AMEN” to Carole’s suggestion about the Home Training Lesson for families. Even if you do not have children at home or have not had children yet or you aren’t married, take the Home Training Lesson home. You will not believe how much YOU will be blessed by reading it. I cannot tell you how many older women say, “I wish this resource had been available to me when I was raising my family and I get one to give to my daughter or son.” It’s not just about raising children but our own spiritual growth.

    I am keeping a copy for both of my children. One of them who isn’t even engaged yet saw the stack I had been saving and wanted to take them right then!

    It’s a great resouce to mail a young parent in your life along with a loving, encouraging letter each week.

  3. This works so well! Thank you for this suggestion. Another way I get past an obstacle in understanding a spiritual point is to read the same passage in my child’s Bible. Sometimes the simpler language gets me to “understand” or grasp a concept on a more basic level. Being in the Word steadily keeps me afloat during the ups-and-downs of daily living!

  4. Have you seen the video of the little girl retelling the story of Paul & Silas to her daddy? Precious, precious, precious…you would really appreciate it since you have kids in the program. If you haven’t seen it, I can send it to you.

  5. This is a great idea! I have volunteered in the children’s program every year (was a volunteer the first week back in Jan in the K-2 room). I alsways get their lesson for that one week when I show up that night and it’s always clear and fun. I never thought of going to the web and pulling if down if I was having trouble with something! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. thanks for the suggestion…i am new to BSF, this is my first year….i will try the children questions.

  7. Agree with the statement that was said.My grandson and myself study listen to church programs via and reading Scriptures including doing BSF Study together daily and evening as well. I share what I know and he does the same. Praise Him for you are going in the right direction. Henrietttà

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