BSF 7-Day Challenge: The Birth of Jesus, Matthew 1-2

Hey all!

I’m SUPER excited to invite you to join me in a pre-study of Matthew in BSF’s 7-Day Challenge.

We will be doing this the week after we complete WordGo’s study of Ruth, which will be August 23rd through August 29th.

The beauty of this mini-study of Matthew is:

  • It’s great for those of you like me who are impatient to begin BSF’s Book of Matthew study.
  • It covers a lot of the material we will be covering the first few weeks of the study of Matthew
  • The questions are the questions for the introduction lesson of BSF’s Study of Matthew, so you’ll already have that done.
  • You’ll have a second chance once BSF kicks off to dive even deeper into these super important chapters of Matthew.

Are you convinced?


Click HERE to download the study.

Contact me with questions!

I can’t wait to begin!

God bless!

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