BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 13, Day 3: Genesis 14:13-16

Summary of passage:  One escaped and told Abram his nephew had been captured. Abram, who was allied with his neighbors, called out all 318 trained men to go with him to rescue Lot.  Abram launched a night attack near the city of Dan, routed them, and pursued them as far as Hobah, north of Damascus.  Abram recovered all the stolen goods, women, and others, and rescued Lot and his possessions, whom he brought back with him.


5)  Abram is loyal to Lot.  Abram is allied with his neighbors so he has diplomacy skills.  He spares no expense, requiring all his trained men to fight for Lot; he has some military training (or guidance from God) for Abram divided his men and attacked.

This shows the extent of God’s blessings to Abram in terms of his wealth.  Abram had his own trained army to fight for him.  This is NOT cheap, especially in ancient times.  Metals and weapons (shields, swords, and armor) were expensive–way more expensive than I would say 90% of the population at the time could afford in their LIFETIME.

6a)  Abram gathers all his allies and men and we put on the full armor of God (all of our resources available) to fight. Abram stood firm in his belief to rescue Lot and he was ready like we are to be when fighting spiritual battles.  Abram had faith he would win as we are to in our battles.  We are to pray and use the Word of God.  We are not told if Abram prayed before he set out, during, or after.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Full armor of God I would say is the Holy Spirit indwelt.  The Holy Spirit will protect your entire body.  The belt of truth is God’s truths and righteousness is what Christians are if they accept Jesus as their Savior.  The shield of faith in trust in God.  The helmet of salvation is our knowledge that we will win and be saved.  The sword of the Spirit is the Bible, God’s word.  Prayer to God for help to overcome.

These weapons have divine power.  We take captive every thought and make it obedient to God and we can defeat every argument or pretension with God’s truth (His word).

c)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Prayer and His Word.  Ask and you shall receive.  If Jesus chose God’s word to defeat the devil in the desert, then I will as well (Matthew 4).  “It is written….”

7)  Personal Question.  My answer:  It is comforting and humbling to know God is with me and I have the knowledge (His Word and Spirit) and He will give me triumphs in life, beginning with His Son who conquered the grave.  We are as precious to God as Christ is to salvation.  Amazing!

The challenge is to be that sweet aroma to others as I spread His message.

Conclusions:  Dreading this lesson when all the questions save one is on New Testament passages.  We studied this Ephesians passage in Acts last year, Lesson 25.  The questions are basically the same, just tweaked.  You can review my answers HERE and HERE.

Review.  I guess I’d better get used to this.  Seems to be the theme for this year.  I was honestly hoping for more in-depth on what’s happening in Genesis, not Ephesians.

Interesting Fact:  This is the first use of the word “Hebrew” in the Bible.

End Note:  My new favorite website.  I wish I could draw simple maps that make everything so clear!

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  1. Abraham was indeed blessed with wealth and power (over enemies). These same blessings are also promised to Israel in their covenant with God: if they obey God’s commands, God will bless them with prosperity and peace (through victory over Canaanites) in the promised land.

    When we turn to the New Testament, Jesus does not promise blessings like wealth or power. So your focus on Eph. 6 and spiritual blessings is appropriate. At the same time, you speak generally of the Bible as God’s word; while this is true, it could miss the contrast between blessings of the O.T. and blessings of Jesus and the N.T.

    In Eph. 6:17, the sword of the Spirit is the word of God; and the following context of 6:19-20 speaks of proclaiming the mystery of the gospel, for which I (Paul) am an ambassador in chains. This relates to what Paul said earlier in 3:1-6, where as a prisoner for Christ on behalf of the Gentiles, Paul has made known the mystery of Christ, which was not made known to earlier generations (including Israel), but has now been revealed by the Spirit (of Christ), that is, how the Gentiles are fellow heirs, members of the same body, and partakers of the promise in Christ through the gospel. In other words, the sword of the Spirit is the word of God, the gospel of the mystery of Christ, at work in Gentiles as well as Jews. And this word results not in blessings like wealth or power for Paul, but in imprisonment and suffering. Nevertheless, the Spirit and the word of the gospel are greater blessings than those of the O.T.

    Jesus and the N.T. do often quote the O.T., especially about its fulfillment on a new level with Christ, but it is also true (in Mt. 4) that Satan can quote the Bible to tempt Jesus to seek blessings like those in the O.T. The Spirit has anointed Jesus as Son at his baptism and led him into the desert to hunger and be tested; he remains true to his call to be king not of Israel (so he doesn’t need to impress them or show them a sign by jumping from the temple) but of a new kingdom (of disciples, from among the Gentiles as well as Jews).

  2. We look at scripture in light of scripture AtoZ, You’re certainly entitled to you’re opinion its just that I have found that by paralleling passages in both areas it is revealing the whole council of God’s word and how it works in tandem. I’m surprised you view that as a negative, learning to view it this way is one of the best parts of BSF to me. These studies aren’t just about gaining head knowledge but about transforming our heart in the process..

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