BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 3, Day 4: Genesis 2:9-17; John 4:14; 6:29-63; 10:28

Summary of passages:  Genesis 2:9-17:  God made all kinds of plants for the Garden of Eden that were pleasing to the eye and good to eat.  In the middle were the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.  A river watered the garden, two of which we know still exist today:  the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

God took the man and put him in the garden to work it and take care of it.  He commanded the man to not eat of the tree of knowledge or man would die.

John 4:14:  Jesus says whoever drinks the water he gives will never thirst and the water will well up into eternal life.

John 6:29-63:  Jesus explains that the work of God is to believe in him (Jesus).  The people ask for a miraculous sign like Moses received in the form of manna.  Jesus explains that God gave them the true bread from heaven, which is him (Jesus) who brings life to the world.

Jesus says he is the bread of life.  Whoever believes in him will never hunger nor thirst. Jesus has come to do God’s will and God’s will is to raise up those he has given (or who believe in Jesus) on the last day.  God’s will is whoever believes in the Son will have eternal life.

The people do not believe Jesus is the Son.  Jesus says only the Father will send believers to him to raise up.  Everyone who listens to the Father will come to him.  And those who believe in Jesus will have everlasting life.

If you partake of Jesus and eat of him, you will not die.  You will live forever.  Jesus repeats himself again to these skeptics that whoever eats his flesh and drinks his blood will have eternal life and be raised on the last day.  For then Jesus will be in them and vice versa.

God sent Jesus.  Jesus lives because of the Father.  Those who feed on Jesus will live because of him.

Jesus says the Spirit gives life and his words are the spirit and therefore life.

John 10:28:  Again, Jesus says he give them eternal life and no one can snatch them from him once they are his.


10a)  God and everlasting life through Him.

b)  No.  God said “you are free to eat from any tree….” Genesis 2:16

c)  Yes.  Jesus is the tree of life.  Revelation 2:7:  “I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.”  Revelation 22:2:  On each side of the river stood the tree of life…”  Revelation 22:19 also mentions the tree of life.

11)  In Genesis, all that is recorded is that God only said don’t eat from the tree of knowledge or you will die.  Jesus says you will die in your sins if you don’t believe in him. John 14:6:  Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”

I’m wondering if Adam even had a concept of death like we do today.  Probably not.  I picture him like a child who disobeys because they don’t think the consequences are that bad.  So in Adam’s case, he thought eating the apple would merely be like a slap on the wrist or a time out.  This doesn’t excuse his behavior but Adam probably thought, “Die?  What does that mean?”  He wasn’t afraid of death like we are today because fear did not exist in the Garden.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

Jesus, speaking to Fallen man who completely understands an eternal death, explains he is the way to eternal life in heaven–not on earth like Adam had been promised.  Jesus makes it crystal clear:  either you believe in Him and are saved or you don’t and you are condemned.  Period.  Both still lead to a physical death.

Conclusions:  It all comes down to trust, faith, and obedience.  Trust in God when He tells you what to do.  Have faith He knows what’s best.  And obey.  Same with Jesus. Trust in Jesus.  Have faith in who he is.  And obey Jesus’s commands.  Because the Father and the Son are one in the same.

For one split second, Adam and Eve lost all of those.  And they paid the price.  So it is today.  We must decide: do we have trust, faith, and obedience in our life?

6 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 3, Day 4: Genesis 2:9-17; John 4:14; 6:29-63; 10:28

  1. I am surprised that in lesson 1-4 no comments were made in the questions regarding sanctity of marriage and its role between male and female. maybe in today’s permissive social climate, BSF did not want to get involved with same sex marriage, unions, and partnerships! It is clear to me from Gen 2:24-25 that God ordained marriage between man and woman. For Genesis being the book of beginnings, it is interesting that BSF did not discuss the very first marriage in the Garden of Eden. Maybe an answer to Question 7 listing pleasant conditions under which Adam and Eve lived would be that they were married as husband and wife.

    1. Julia,
      We touched on the husband/wife issue in my BSF lecture and were told we would be talking about it more as the series progressed. My lecture brought up three biblical principles that are under attack in the world today:
      1. That God’s design for right relationship is a man and a woman.
      2. That single women are to be pure and holy, especially sexually speaking.
      3. Marriage is a serious agreement and covenant with God. It is meant for life.

      For me I feel BSF is taking a stand on these issues.

      1. Thanks Meg,
        When I posted my initial comment on 9/25, I was just doing my questions and then when we had our lecture and discussion on 10/5 it was brought up in the principles similar to yours. I agree that BSF took a stand on the marriage principle that is under attack today esp. in the political and social realm!

  2. I’m confused about the tree of life and when Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat the fruit of it. If the tree of life represents God and eternal life, why were they forbidden to eat the fruit. Weren’t they created sinless and without death? And how can you say they were not forbidden to eat the fruit before the Fall after reading Genesis 2:17?

    1. Hi Cathy,
      I’ll take a stab at your excellent question. There were 2 trees in the middle of the garden(Gen 2:9) and they could eat of the tree of life initially, but NOT of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Gen 2:16-17). After they sinned, they lost the right to eat of the tree of life(Gen 3:24). God did not want them to live forever in their sinful state. Driving them out of the garden was merciful grace to prevent them from eating of the tree of life and living forever in their sinful state. They and their descendants must be taught the true nature and effect of sin. The way of eternal life would not come thru the tree of life, but now salvation must come thru the person of Jesus Christ! HE actually represents the tree of life for us. In heaven there will be the tree of life with its eternal fruit as noted in Rev 22:2. Hope this helps and maybe others can give their own ideas.

  3. Hi Cathy. God gives us a free will but he also wants obedience. They were created sinless but God gave them a command to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They disobeyed because of temptation from Satan. He said. You will not surely die. Just like he does to us today. They probably did not understand fully what the word die means. That is just a guess not the gospel. I hope I answered your question. Somewhat. God has a desire for all of us to be obedient to him 100% of the time. As we know that is impossible but as a child of God he has forgiven us and our sins are under the blood but as a child of his we should desire obedience to our heavenly father. Hope this helps! !

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