BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided: Final Thoughts

Hey all!

I was truly sad to turn the last page of my BSF study guide for People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided and find it blank. This study was amazing in so many ways, and I hope you all found it life-changing, too.

I will miss this study as we move on to the Study of John for 2023/2024. Yet, studying the Gospels and Jesus’ life is something I will never tire of. It will be a good study next year, too.

I’d love it if you all left a comment with what you loved most about this year’s Bible study. It can be short and sweet or long.

Enjoy the videos below as a great summary of this Bible study, and have a great summer and break!

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6 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided: Final Thoughts

  1. Jeremiah’s steadfast devotion to follow God’s instructions has impacted how I will live and think from now on.

  2. This study has given me the purpose in my life to spread the WORD to family, friends to enhance their belief system or to come to the Lord as new believers.

  3. I love this blog and so appreciate your thoughts, your honesty, and how you open up these studies for me. I am fairly new to bible study and this has been so helpful to me in my walk of faith. Thank you! Have a great summer and see you back in Cyber space in the Fall.

  4. I have loved this study as there was an unfamiliarity with some of the books. I had never heard a sermon from Habbakkak and yet, it is an amazing book
    3:17he didn’t just practice positive thinking…he shut out the idea of the barren fig tree or empty cattle stall
    Instead he saw those problems for what they were ad remembered that God is greater than them all.He rightly declared that his strength was not n fig trees or vines or flocks….but only in the Lord God !!
    He recognized that the Lord God was his strength. An important nugget of wisdom or us in this our country and time when s many are walking away from their faith…but not finding comfort in the world.
    Habakkuk was a rich lesson. My favorite thi year.

  5. The study of Israel and Judah has been outstanding this year. Hope for recovery for God’s people is always present when we repent and come back to our God Almighty, our Creator, our Redeemer and the Lord of our life. Blessing have been abundant through this study of Kingdom Divided. Looking forward to the study of John next year. Your help with the studies is always appreciated. Blessings, Corena

  6. To be honest, this year I have to read a lot of scriptures within a short period of time, and even some books of prophets which are not so familiar with… I really thank God to give me such a big patience and wisdom to understand His words every day.
    Through the scriptures, it reflects ourselves and the current society perfectly. People don’t change… always want to go their own way and at the same time try their best to make others fall with them too. Finally they have forsaken God and judgement came. (Great that God is not easy to push away!)
    Thanks God for telling me that He always pursues me and keeps saying that He is a Holy God but at the same time He loves sinners like me.
    Bless you!

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